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  2. My god the payoff. I can easily say I've never seen the domino effect do that before
  3. Braves got cash in return. Alonso refused to report to Gwinnett when he was DFA'd here. He had went home instead.
  4. Today
  5. Clowney (6 years) 32 sacks & 8 forced fumbles (he's never had a double digit sack season) Beasley (5 years) 37.5 sacks & 11 forced fumbles When I look at that, it's really hard to see what you're seeing in Clowney to think he'd somehow finally "break out in sacks" and become a pass rushing force here at this stage in his career. If the dude couldn't do it when teams were having to focus on JJ Watt, he's probably just not what he was hyped up to be. I mean, Beasley put up substantially better numbers in terms of big impact plays, and he did it in one less year than Clowney. That's the dude you want? Seriously?
  6. That’s great to see coming off of a season ending injury Neal looks like he’s in the best shape of his career.
  7. WTH do you mean "The Racism at Georgia"? Like it's an excuse term. All you had to do was look at the racist B's people (Georgia Fans) were saying and posting about him online.
  8. This. He has no reason to play. He's also a high draft pick coming into the season.
  9. I think teams might be hesitant to spend big money right now with the uncertainty hovering over the 2021 cap.
  10. couldnt sleep so I poured my self some four roses and hopped online. Your post was the first I saw, keep up the good fight my guy.
  11. He'd got muscles in places I don't even have places.
  12. And 2008-2019 has been under two head coaches that were “defensive minds” and former DC’s Imagine if we’d found a solid offensive HC and Matt spent several years or potentially the majority of his career in the same system. The opportunity cost of having an elite QB but choosing to go with (failed) defensive minded HC’s.. oof
  13. We should develop the overblown and comically exaggerated legend of Sterling Hofrichter in much the same way one was developed for Chuck Norris
  14. I've decided to call our starting rotation Fried and Plead.
  15. Yeah this really seems to be much deeper than it may appear on the surface. If he is truly having issues, mental or otherwise, then I pray for him and truly hope he either reaches out to someone who can help him or someone who can help him reaches out to him. If he legitimately needs help I hope he gets it.
  16. I can see it now. After all this time we finally win a Super Bowl, but it is forever stigmatized by a COVID-19 asterisk!
  17. This completely. Stupid, terrible people like her are whores for the first lobbiest dollar that is waved in her face, or will be primaried by someone that can dance her same dance but it already on the hook. The people who vote for someone like her are already morons, so they'll vote for anyone as long as they out crazy her.
  18. Man Gurlie was the pick in 2015. Definitely not Beasley. Him and Free would have been next level. Pass game would have beasted. We needed a RB bad coming off the 2014 SJAX experience. Even Dimi thought we did. He took Teco in the third. Gurley and Danielle Hunter in the first and third was the best 2015 path though. Not Beasley and Teco. And yes several TATFers said that way back in 2015. No hindsight here, so don't even try that. Just pull up the archives. It's all there. Troffed folks.
  19. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/08/11/kamala-harris-vp-background-bio-biden-running-mate-2020-393885 While attending law school in San Francisco, Harris lived with her sister, Maya, and helped potty-train Maya’s daughter. “I’m dealing with this brutal stuff, dog-eat-dog in school, and then I would come home and we would all stand by the toilet and wave bye to a piece of s***,” Harris recalled in 2018. “It will put this place in perspective.”
  20. Neal has muscles where they don’t belong...
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