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  2. So if it isn't that the game is fixed and it isn't that bad calls happen, what exactly is your stance that required a "LOL?" Overall my take is we can complain about the refs, MR, Vic or whatever else but non of these things touch upon the real problem.
  3. Well DQ does seem to be a trend setter!
  4. Pathetic...there should be no press conference this Monday other than the one announcing DQ as former HC
  5. Not really. The sideline catch was an amazing catch and 50/50 debatable. The fumble was a potentially lucky break for us, but we still allowed the long catch. The fair catch interference was the most egregious (imo) of the three but it led to just good field position. We still could have stopped them from scoring a TD.
  6. 2 of them from Grady in that. Lol
  7. " I hate yall"
  8. I agree, but you will get flamed. TD handles the numbers and gives the HC what he wants. That is the way the organization is set up. This debacle belongs to Quinn. He botched the Super Bowl and he has lost this team. Fire him at the end of the season.
  9. To be fair....we got decent pressure but Murray is fast as ****
  10. I was thinking when he took over the defense they were going to be much better? Six weeks into the season this defense allows 30 ppg. How can this man actually still be confident in what he is doing? I’m usually against firing coaches during the season but it’s time for him to kick rocks!!!
  11. definitely not sayin much..tho accurate! but i'm tired of watching Tru be spun in circles by WRs blood cant get here fast enough...
  12. Good for them. Tulsi will be happy too.
  13. Campbell has absolutely zero business being out there over Grace or Foye. Foye was probably our best LB last year and got better each game.
  14. As bad the injury decimated teams in 2013 and 2014 were, Falcons have for the first time after 2007 started the season 1-5. Round of applause to the best Falcons coach ever.
  15. That and Sheffield playing better than Trufant got us the few stops we got in the second half. Haven’t had a sack in 3 games though. Sadly I thought our pass rush had turned a corner after the Eagles game.
  16. Top 3 hopefully. Heck shoot for the stars and get the number 1 pick.
  17. Well not just Hoop. Delanie Walker in Tennessee for example came alive when he got under MM. He’s got a pretty solid rep around the league for his tight end work.
  18. Agreed, unless there is a smoking deal that can’t be turned down.
  19. No disagreements here.
  20. The Last 3 are awful on another level. Those calls weren't even controversial, more of obvious intentional bad calls. They were obvious blow calls and 3 possessions took away from us. Both teams made alot of mistakes today , but those three stolen possessions could have easily won it for the falcons. The last one especially, we would have got the ball back with good time on the clock to win.
  21. Trufant is playing better than Oliver. Get shef and tru on the outside
  22. He got a lot better once we went into man.
  23. Quinn hitched his wagon to him
  24. Let’s draft to win till then. If he needs to be replaced, get a guy on rookie contract.
  25. I think Oliver is a better man corner so that makes sense. I am not in the "the game is fixed" camp either but this game and the Colts game were eerily similar
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