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  2. Are there really 25 kids in a class that want to go play for Kansas?
  3. Matt Ryan is mechanically one of the 10 best QBs of all time, watch his poise in the pocket and how quickly he can read a defense and release to anyone that's open. His numbers are phenomenal, his completion/int ration among the elite of the elite. The one thing wrong with him is that he is missing the "IT" factor. There are worse QBs that have went to the big dance (Eli Manning) and won. He blew it against the Pats, and i'm sure it eats him to this day. He could call any play at the line, he's the captain and the firewall. The fact is he listened to his puppet masters and called plays that went against his gut. Right now he is not *Matty Ice", he's highlight film for the Greatest QB of all time Tom Brady. Yes I said it. Brady plays in sub zero temps, unlike Ryan who plays half his games in a Dome Brady is surgical in his reads when throwing downfield seldom misses a target, but most of all he has "IT". I think with our defense finally in tact we will win the Super Bowl this year. I am not going to say "unless" this or that. This is the year we win our first, and I would hope some props go to Tommy Nobis "Mr. Falcon" because on the shoulders of these giants we've made it to where we are, Nobis should be in the HoF it is a disgrace that a man that gave up so much is getting such little in return.
  4. Is Japan Venezuela? Is Switzerland Venezuela? Is Canada Venezuela? Or maybe wait for it..... Something besides healthcare crashed Venezuela.
  5. The key to those systems is the price fixing. They will have to balance the costs vs prices to keep the system running, before it becomes Venezuela. I'm not sure we should trust THIS government to be able to do that. Although, we do have the Post Office as an example of how to run a business close to bankruptcy without going under.
  6. @Leon Troutsky You're in academia. Whats up with databases including the archived print magazine, but no pictures? That's telling only half the story. Do all you guys sit around and wink wink, nudge nudge, "only peer reviewed journals are acceptable as valid sources, chortle." You might want to tell the twitter crowd that!
  7. This has been what I've been curious about since it was announced. At some point, either the rule has to go or it has to get modified... otherwise, teams are going to be disproportionately impacted by the transfer portal. You already have the crazy situations like what Les Miles inherited at Kansas, where it will legitimately take him 3-4 seasons to get up to 85 scholarships under the 25/class limit.
  8. While Ryan has generally made good decisions with the ball and aired out some porous Saints defenses in his time, it hasn’t amounted to much. Ryan has lost more career games against the Saints (13) than any other opponent. That’s nearly as many losses to the Saints as he’s suffered against the other NFC South teams — the Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers — combined (15). The Saint's, aside from the smell, are a very good team. They will continue to be a thorn in our side.Their 3rd year RB Kamara is the real deal, Thomas is not JJ. Brees is Brees and he's got a ring, probably would've had two if my Ghost didn't show up at that game, even rotten corpses couldn't hold a candle to stink of that stadium. MB should be ashamed to have their name on it.
  9. That’s why Artie needs to stay out of it and let TD deal with it
  10. Takk was great first round pick, he's matured and this season you'll see that diamond in the rough break out.
  11. A swiss/Japanese hybrid might be where it's at.
  12. Smartest Defensive Player We've Had. After two rings he'll end up a HC somewhere, maybe here.
  13. Vick’s jersey from the game of his OT touchdown run against the Vikings.
  14. The payment on my PSLs
  15. At one point, Falcons were 45-15 with Baker LT.
  16. Why can't the south of the border people get on with an agency. It works for Asians
  17. You should watch these videos. It’s a guy who goes to five advanced industrial democracies to examine their health care systems. He covers both the benefits AND the drawbacks/tradeoffs each country makes. It’s very insightful. I’m personally a huge fan of the Japanese system, which is almost exactly like the US system except for two very important differences. And it’s a very different system from Canada and UK.
  18. William Andrews' jersey from this game against Denver--- William Andrews Crushes "Orange Crush"
  19. Ovie Mughelli's jersey from his last game as a Falcon.
  20. ^^^ Comparatively speaking the number of illegal immigrants from Europe is very small.
  21. Danica Patricks thongs.
  22. You have to admit, though, the Jones boys cruisin’ on Blank’s jet together, with Debo’s contract already being reported... is a good sign.
  23. I disagree to some degree. TD's biggest strength is drafting premium talent at skill positions. TD's biggest weakness is his inability to draft talent along both lines. In his what? 11? 12? drafts, TD has Grady Jarrett and Jake Matthews as truly successful trench picks that I can remember. And please--- don't mention Sam "T-Rex Arms" Baker.
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