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  2. Honestly we need a big run stuffing DT/NT to play next to Grady. Sure I wouldn't mind having another guy like Oliver who is very similar to Grady, but we still need a big body to eat up linemen so our other studs get the 1v1 matchups that they can exploit.
  3. Is it obvious we will snag a back somewhere? I hope so.
  4. Trumpsters: Let's destroy every bastion of the Rule of Law and Checks and Balances. Libs: Trump is destroying every bastion of the Rule of Law and Checks and Balances Serge: You are playing right into their hands.
  5. I can name 1 I would fist fight and win in 45 seconds
  6. And why the fu*ck would anyone cry about that?
  7. Who did Blank piss off sheesh
  8. I really wish the Falcons would let M Ryan run the offense like how Peyton Manning did at the LOS. Line up the team and then make audibles at the LOS to take advantage of the defense's alignment. Sark did not like to do this. Seems like Ryan was doing this a lot when we made our Super Bowl run.
  9. When did he become legit lol Seriously, I love his motor and effort that he gives but he hasn't earned this privilege yet. I think that if he wasn't used as an every down player he'd be more productive because his pass rush numbers are awesome for just 2 years but outside of that he doesn't seem to have much value. He needs to step it up before getting too cocky
  10. Because they don't care about bipartisan Congressional Oversight, and because it's going to further damage the liberal media and the Democrats when Trump trolls them with the redacted Mueller report, causing them to think that getting an unredacted report will be the thing that takes down Trump for sure.
  11. Is that another excuse?? Man this has got to stop, people try to look for an excuse when there isn't any.
  12. Yeah, while Armstead isn’t as big as Turner, he’s still got good size & knows how to use it. He’s a strong player & a hard runner who is a great blocker & a good deal faster (former track star) than Turner. Their games are indeed similar in that they both seem to choose going through their opponents rather than around them.
  13. I can't speak for him but it may have just been a heat of the moment type of thing. Normally people bring up post count when conversations take a turn.
  14. Good lord does he line up off sides so quick in the backfield. Thank KOG for the video the kid has game.
  15. I said in another thread just stfu and play. He always talks bigger than he walks. He never backs up what he says at all. He looks up in stupid. He's already lost credibility with me , what he says is just the words of a child. This isn't high school football. This is pro football, keep underestimating opp. And overrating yourself and see what happens. And yes I said OVERRATED.
  16. Honestly would rather open on the road because the team should be hyped up for the start of the season not to mention fresh.
  17. Are you saying he won't get two terms? I know you're not.
  18. Barr replaced Nunes as the messenger boy.
  19. I think people shouldn't take everything so seriously when someone posts something, especially a legit athlete. Would you guys rather Takk say that he is injury prone and would be lucky to get 5 sacks on the season instead?
  20. Falcons play their first 10 games indoors......and a week 9 bye......completely happy!
  21. I’m tired of playing the same lame ****s
  22. Obviously but dude was acting like how many posts you have makes you more legit or something. What a cuck
  23. I'M gifted...what can I say? I'm a fast cook, I guess?
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