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  2. The one where the guy didn't find out that he was drafted by the Eagles until 55 years later completely blew my mind. Not all that surprised about the Redskins not making a single 1st round pick during the 70s. George Allen was their HC during most of that decade. Allen hated rookies and loved having seasoned old vets on his teams.
  3. And if you don't she will throw **** at you and make you cry.
  4. This is counterproductive. What if he balls out and puts up Aaron Donald numbers and drives his price higher?
  5. so much easier to dismiss signings you dont recognize and not do your research tho, lol
  6. His ranginess makes up for the elite speed, which Rico does not have. However, Allen has a much better grasp of the defense so it makes for a potentially interesting competition.
  7. But let’s fire him! /s
  8. If he can find a pass rusher and a decent OL he’d be number 2. Let’s all hope Pioli and DQ don’t leave the room....TD never proved much without them. I do agree he’s been pretty good since DQ/SP got here.
  9. I was legitimately sad when I heard Tillman had died. Then I was mad as **** when it came out that he was killed by friendly fire and that the Bush administration and the Army covered it up just to try and salvage major **** ups like Abu Ghraib and Fallujah in Iraq that were wrecking political approval points.
  10. Looks like a good faith move on GJs part. If he really wanted to be a Richard he could not sign until the middle of the season.
  11. Yea you’re prolly right about a 3-4 team....however Vic being a top 10 talent lol. He ranked as the worst DE in the don’t mention VB against run. We’ll see what happens in a couple yrs as I said - B Burns must get bigger and stronger and then he could dominate IMO. On the other hand - VB has been in the league 5 yrs and still weighs 230 lbs and has only a speed move....nothing else. We all witnessed VB spin and trip didn’t work lol. Hey man I hope VB leads the NFL in sacks with 20+ ..I just don’t believe in him. Sorry.
  12. Good thing for him to have on his resume, when he is looking for another job next year.
  13. Clever guy!!
  14. Great news!! Now we don't have to worry about a hold out like Le'veon Bell.
  15. With Haskins still on board we have to trade down a few spots and still grab Lawrence
  16. The bipartisan stuff I will expect from Biden
  17. He was on a trip to West Point last weekend with Quinn and several other team members. So no real surprise. I’d guess they most likely get the long term before the July 15 deadline
  18. Just my feeling but I think Gary will bust hard in the NFL. I am turned off by big school guys with all the measurables, underachieving in the box score and questions about whether or not they really love the game and/or work ethic. I LOVE Oliver as a prospect but only at limited cost. I would just prefer Lawrence plus Sweat/Polite/Ferguson over EO. If getting Ed doesn’t cost us our second rounder this year... I’m down
  19. Yeah, it's a nice change of pace.
  20. How else do you suppose with the salary cap that you build a team that for 7-10 years is capable of winning a Super Bowl every year?
  21. Breese is gone, it’s not happening. Murphy I think is a real possibility. Keep an eye on Z Walker because we sit very well with him
  22. Steelers? What? Browns have had sooo many high picks. That’s nuts. Eagles got the ring but they sucked for quite awhile. TD is #2 imo. 3 the lowest
  23. Worst mock I've seen , Not even worth talking about.. That will never happen. Mel Kiper and Co made one today.. that is very very reallistic... WE got Wilkins.. I think if I could only pick one player that we might get it would be Wilkins.
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