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  2. I've got it from reliable sources that say the GOP will plant fake 3rd party Dem candidate to siphon off votes from the Dens noninee. Brilliant actually, the Dems did in the Virginia Govenors race to beat Ken Cuccinnelli. Assuring Trump's 2020 landslide.
  3. It may if the Falcons defense start beating opposing teams and posters don’t have to beat each other. On a serious note, it did help in the past few years ago.
  4. So your issue is that the person pointed out the publisher, which would be useful for others to know since you can't infer that from the screencaps, instead of just the writer.
  5. So sad and pathetic coming from a defensive mastermind in his 5th year as head coach. Haven't had a sack in a month. And we are paying Beasley 13 million dollars FLOWERY BRANCH — The Falcons have not recorded a sack since the 9:50 mark of the third quarter against the Colts on Sept. 22. Defensive ends Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley sacked Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett on second-and-13 from the Colts’ 22 that day. In subsequent games against mobile quarterbacks, the Falcons failed to sack Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota, Houston’s Deshaun Watson and Arizona’s Kyler Murray. Overall, it’s been 242 defensive snaps since the Falcons recorded a sack. The Colts ran 21 more plays after the Beasley-McKinley sack. There were 69 defensive snaps in the Arizona game, 73 against Houston and 79 against Tennessee. The Falcons have just five sacks, tied with Miami for the lowest total in the NFL.
  6. I will aggressively rumple TD's hair if he trades Hooper.
  7. Let Ito and Ollison split carries in situations that fit their running style and our RB issues are fixed.
  8. Ouch. That's even worse than if he'd starting dancing on your head.
  9. would it tho...really.. haha.
  10. Again, they published a conservative opinion column. Why is that wrong?
  11. First, he’s a problem because of the early turnovers, then he’s a problem because he’s not winning the games himself, now he’s the problem because he’s cleaned up the turnovers but his stats are “skewed” or “padded.” All this talk about players not doing their job and y’all are wanting one of the only players doing their job shipped out? Common man
  12. Make one Matt Ryan thread and pin it on the top.. that should make this place better.
  13. I know we used to joke it was Ted Cruz, but I'm becoming more and more certain that Mark Zuckerberg embodies the Evangelical concept of the Antichrist.
  14. How many other QBs can have the stats Matt Ryan does with skewed stats? He’s top 5 in almost every category.. in the NFL. I would hate for him to be traded, but I hope it does so that reality hits everybody that there aren’t many at all like Matt Ryan in the NFL right now, and to think that drafting a new one will put us in a better position than Ryan ever has.. y’all are trippin with this fairytale that Matt Ryan is remotely a problem at all
  15. Thu, 10/24 @DET 7:00 PM Tickets as low as $14 t, 10/26 vsORL 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $18 Mon, 10/28 vsPHI 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $22 Tue, 10/29 @MIA 7:30 PM NBATV Tickets as low as $8 Thu, 10/31 vsMIA 7:00 PM TNT Tickets as low as $12 Tue, 11/5 vsSA 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $13 Wed, 11/6 vsCHI 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $13 Fri, 11/8 vsSAC 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $17 Sun, 11/10 @POR 9:00 PM Tickets as low as $11 Tue, 11/12 @DEN 9:00 PM Tickets as low as $12 Thu, 11/14 @PHX 9:00 PM Tickets as low as $9 Sat, 11/16 @LAC 10:30 PM Tickets as low as $24 Sun, 11/17 @LAL 9:30 PM Tickets as low as $53 Wed, 11/20 vsMIL 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $22 Fri, 11/22 @DET 7:00 PM Tickets as low as $15 Sat, 11/23 vsTOR 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $21 Mon, 11/25 vsMIN 7:30 PM Tickets as low as $14 Wed, 11/27 @MIL 8:00 PM Tickets as low as $25 Fri, 11/29 @IND 8:00 PM Tickets as low as $18 Sat, 11/30 @HOU 8:00 PM Tickets as low as $2
  16. it's pretty ******* obvious to anyone above the age of 18
  17. Or LBs that could cover. Vernon Davis murk'd Stephen Nicholas.
  18. Rams 44 Falcons 27 Dan Quinn's defense will continue to look like the hot garbage it is.
  19. all. please cut the negative banter out or this thread will be locked. thanks
  20. Sounds like something Pat McAfee would say and hes spot on. This is his first year in the booth and he does Thursdays because he has 10 other things he does every week (weekly radio show, Get Up, 2 podcasts, WWE). He is actually very knowledgeable and has a lot of insider knowledge. I recc giving his podcast a listen as well, tons of insight on the NFL (The Pat McAfee show 2.0) or his radio show on westwood one.
  21. Facebook makes way more sense when you know that they partnered with the Daily Caller for news curation and "fact checking."
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