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  2. "The only way you'll have any success in life is if you go to college and get a degree!" I'm crippled by debt because I went to college and got a degree. "Stupid young people. Why did you think you had to go to college?"
  3. Serious question, was it worth it to you? I mean did that degree get you your dream job that will pay back those high student loans lickity split? Or did you get an ordinary run of the mill degree/job that you could have gotten at a state school for far less money?
  4. Great analysis I think we have a great opportunity but certain teams stand in our way (NO and Car come to mind) if we go at least 4-2 in the division and split the AFC we have a really great shot.
  5. I never said anything about being right or wrong. That's never my approach. You're giving me feedback to my opinion and i'm giving you feedback to yours
  6. Can’t stop laughing at big mama’s face when she is gettin down dancing
  7. The price is going up due to entities trying to take advantage of government programs to increase their profit margins. It's basic market capitalism and yet another example in our country's history of why private-public partnerships are extremely stupid and wasteful.
  8. Nothing has changed..???!! Wow,, you lost me with that line.. I CAN'T REMEMBER ANY OFF SEASON WE'VE EVER HAD THAT HAS HAD SO MANY CHANGES.. And let me add.. all changes have been Awesome.. I"m stocked man.. to get in FAcy and the Draft exactly what we needed.. In years past,, it was awful to watch an off season knowing we didn't do didly squat!!! I'll say it again , Best off season pick up and Draft all around,, And best draft for our needs, , that I've ever witnessed as a Fan.. of this team.. I agree with Gazoo .. Best off season ever IMO> If Ryan stays healthy , i don't see us not making it back to the Superbowl this year. Oh ,, and just add this post to about 3 others I've already made saying the same thing...
  9. That’s it, that’s the difference in perspective. Your perspective is one of an actual future outcome, mine is a projection based on current data. It’s not a matter of right or wrong, it’s more of what model,we are using in our analysis.
  10. Amen brother...preach Wah, we want everything free crowd... Everything is everyone else's fault...wah wah wah
  11. Poster from Season 1. Notice the raven on the right side? People are wondering if this ending was planned from the start! Hard to say since the books haven't been written with the ending. Still cool though.
  12. lmao you proving our points for us. Ridley isn't even going up against another player. He is going against a coach! KD jacked up his calf jogging down court...all it takes is one misstep... BUT HE GOT BETTER THAT DAY BECAUSE HE IS AT OTA's, right? lmao, so dumb. Not to mention siding with the hack Vaughn
  13. Yes, let's get upset that our perennial All-Pro WR, whom many many many very smart NFL people and players claim to be the best WR in the league despite what craponine says, who is going into his 9th season in the league, who has never been anything but a great teammate both on and off the field, who produces year in and year out, who has proven time and time again that he deserves the benefit of the doubt, who has already said he will be at training camp, who is a hall of fame player, who makes this offense go so the likes of Ridley, Sanu and Hooper can go off BECAUSE of the attention Julio gets, let's get upset that THAT man isn't at events where linemen don't block, pass rushers don't rush, players don't go full speed, no schemes are implemented, zero contact is allowed, and fringe players are looking to make a name for themselves by going harder than the vets, let's get upset that THAT player isn't going to THAT event. Because why? So he can "get better"? So he can stand on the side lines and observe? They have those, they are called coaches. And let's not act like Julio is just sitting on his couch getting fat while the other players are there. Pure stupidity. Championships aren't won in May.
  14. No, of course not, but there are far too many of them. Amazing how I know nothing according to you, but I get all the big political prognostications right. WFW must be one lucky SOB or a very savvy cookie. I think we all know it's the latter. Trying to downplay what I do around here after all these years (makes people look clueless) at this point.
  15. Here's the thing, all that power ranking and prediction stuff, it doesn't mean much when it comes to reality. That's why it's extremely rare you'll see me ranking teams, players, coaches, etc or making bold predictions before a single snap is made. Even the most talented teams can face their own adversity and not be able to bounce back.
  16. My Student loans have twice the Rate of my Mortgage...
  17. True but you expect a few bad days from qbs not the defense necessarily.
  18. man, it's a good thing for wfw there's never been a cringe-inducing boomer caricature on youtube before
  19. No it would cost a **** load more if the government is writing the checks just like with what happened with health care. Maybe you wouldn't have huge student loan debt if you were a good consumer and shopped for the best education at the best price. Supply and demand.... Being a good consumer... Concepts that your generation seems to have no clue about. No just get "free" stuff from the government. Morons.
  20. who said it wasn't? the QB is the guy who's always looked to when it comes to the teams performance. With today's rules it's hard to give too much credit to the defense unless they play complete lights out football week in and week out.
  21. A+ **** post vel!
  22. Speaking from experience on this, let it go. Even suggesting Julio is in the wrong in any way will get you crucified on this forum, especially by those that I call the AFMB "elites."
  23. Your point isn’t wrong, it’s a matter of perspective, just like my point is a matter of perspective. Your perspective is one of an actual future outcome, but mine is a projection based on current data. Compete, contend, these are terms people can apply their own meaning to, to a degree. The concept of NFL power rankings is more my way of seeing things. We will have many pundits and former players predict which teams have best chance to win their divisions and which handful of teams have the best shot at the Super Bowl in each conference, all before the first preseason game. In fact, I believe I’ve already seen prediction from a sports writer prediction Saints will win division.
  24. Really excited to see that we are in the hunt for McCoy. I agree that if he comes here, it'll be largely due to his relationship with Dirk. Let's get this last signing done and get ready for a SB run.
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