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  2. Braves 2018 1st round pick Carter Stewart has skipped the MLB draft and signed with a Japanese team. Stewart failed to sign with Atlanta over an injury issue. He reportedly gets a little more than $7M for 6 years. He also got a $2M bonus. Stewart is going for money, he makes more in Japan than the minors and can be posted for bidding as an international FA in 2025.
  3. Luke Jackson was due for a bad game or two. The guy had been lights out all season except for Opening Day. We can still win this series.
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  5. Where does it state that Blank is being anything close to Jerry Jones? It says TD made a promise. Doesn’t say Blank tore into his *** or demanded anything
  6. You don’t have to be a talent evaluator to realize that your $100 million qb is getting creamed week in and week out.
  7. I fall asleep and wake up to Jackson ****ting himself again? This guy's now blown what feels like 3 saves in the past week. Absolutely ******* pathetic. **** this bullpen and most of all **** AA. Once again this guy has done absolutely nothing for this team since being hired other than reaping the benefits of Coppy's work.
  8. It was waaaaay past time the other thread was shut down, pure hot *** garbage!
  9. schrader was always just avg to below avg TE play helped him A LOT
  10. I haven’t. That’s why I didn’t take the time to tag you in that post to get your attention. There’s only one person who seems to go into threads looking only for my posts to attack that I would ever do that to.
  11. Beasley led the league in sacks year two.
  12. If you are talking about run stopping Danny Shelton ratings is like 78 to Davison run stopping is 75. They both run stop... Shelton gives you more push the pocket vs the pass.... neither u want as rushers tho. But back to my point... These guys I thought would atleast get 5 mil a season but the league is catching on..... You can't pay run stoppers.... The same reason why I thought Poe had to walk....If you are not bringing a pass rush... You playing 25-30 (max) % just not worth it. Shelton is getting paid less then 2 mil.. Super smart signing by the Pats... They use him very minimally (less then 350 snaps) but using the big guy in that limited role .. They get the most out of him
  13. Makes me even more furious at this FO.
  14. I worked as a bag boy on clev hwy when i was 16. Snagged a job at tye rec dept and was soooooo happy to say deuces. Hated that b.s. Job.
  15. I wish the government would do tax incentives to promote solar on homes or even solar roofs like Tesla's solar roof. We've subsidized oil enough imo we can share those subsidies out to homeowners willing to alleviate strain on the grid and produce clean energy on their home.
  16. Yes they can. Especially on one year
  17. Just not to the saints ffs
  18. That what every one said.about Beasley
  19. Hopeh he goes for 340 vs saints t o complete the division.
  20. My God, go get Kimbrel now.
  21. Are you serious?
  22. I would say all 4 of those should have a **** good shot at making the playoffs so i would say he didn't lie about wanting to go to a contender.
  23. I hope Newcomb or Touki can be our regular closer if we don't sign Kimbrel after the draft. It seems like they're just gonna keep shuffling middle relievers back there until they have a better option.
  24. Luke was too flustered once the pressure really mounted. They should have pulled him and put in Newc.
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