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  2. Is it trolling to be called on incorrect claims, be shown evidence, continue to stick to claims without evidence, and keep thinking cap spending is Falcons problem with Defense and blames Ryan? Yeah, he's a simpleton or a bad troll.
  3. WillyMo Always Ready?
  4. Q. How do you castrate a Saints fan? A. Kick his sister in the chin.
  5. I don’t think he’s trolling. I think he’s literally incapable of providing a good explanation of what he really means
  6. 1. When Ridley has to be resigned, Julio will be 34 years old. You have no idea what type of player Julio will be at that age 2. You can “wonder” all you want but you don’t have proof that Ryan ever spoke with anyone in upper management about what the team needs. That logic is insane dude. Thats like saying “I wonder if my wife cheated on me....I better divorce her.” Who the hell thinks like that? 3. The only thing we KNOW, is that Ryan’s job is to play QB for the falcons, NOT run the franchise.
  7. The Dome was fine, and the Benz is United's Stadium not ours. Too bad for me I hate soccer.
  8. *crickets*
  9. So we'd be be 0-6 instead of 1-5? The horror
  10. When I had season tickets, I was able to sell 2 midfield, lower bowl tickets (face value $170) for $400 for Steven Jackson's first game vs the St. Louis Rams when he played here. Those tickets probably cost $4000 each now on the aftermarket.
  11. I actually had A.B Barnum and removed it. Looks like Blank is doing the nobel thing and letting PSL holders just forfeit their rights if they don't want (or can't) purchase season tickets or their PSL payment. They'd just lose the money they paid toward the PSL. Blank will resell them anyway.
  12. It'a $1.50 now. They must have found even cheaper horsemeat.
  13. You mean P.T. Blank.
  14. Q. What do the Atlanta Falcons and Billy Graham have in common? A. They can both make 70,000 people stand up and scream 'Jesus Christ!' - I know, it's old and stolen...but so's my wife.
  15. If you go back and read what I said again you'll see that I didn't mention Vic. I was responding to what someone wrote about trading Free & Tru in addition to trying to unload Beasley. Vic is far more trade-able because he'd essentially be a rental for the remainder of this season. If a team with cap room thinks he has potential, he could be worth trading for. If he panned out in their scheme, they'd be able to start negotiating an extension... and if he continued to blow, they could just let him walk & they are only out a draft pick. That's not the case with Tru or Freeman though since both those guys have a few years left on their current deals. Neither of those two is easily cuttable next offseason without taking on a good chunk of dead money & both carry kinda large cap numbers. If a team was to trade for Free but then decide to cut bait after the rest of this season, he could be a post-June 1st cut, but that doesn't do any good during prime free agent signing period. You gotta wait til 2021 to cut Free outright without taking on a bunch of dead money. Tru's situation is even worse. The absolute earliest a team could cut him without taking on lots of dead money would be as a post-June 1st cut in 2021. To cut him outright & not take a significant dead money hit means waiting until 2022. So again, I can't really see a team trading for those two guys.
  16. Its not trolling anything, just sad you can't understand basic concepts on how to build a NFL team.. One day you'll actually get it
  17. Ill go with you on that to an extent, but i cant help but wonder.. Did Ryan tell Td and Quinn we can win with a high powered offense in spite of a lack luster defense.. I assume Ryan has a good bit of pull in this organization. If Ryan told Td and Quinn both he dosnt believe the team is balanced and they still went in this direction imo its much more of a reason they should be fired. I couldn't name you one qb in history that could win with the team that we field now. We need to spend alot more on defense and still give Ryan adequate receivers and backs that he can work with to win games. Ultimately when Ridley had to be resigned i dont see anyway we can keep both him and Julio, and i actually like both.. With Ridley at that time having the higher ceiling imo. I believe we have enough talent at oline now to protect Ryan, why we cant do a better job blocking and opening running lanes has to come back to coaching as well. Basically, we need to rebuild the defense and expect Ryan to do more with less weapons, and i think he can.. But this circus of hood ornaments we have on offense needs to go and get a coach with a backbone that understands how important a dominant defense is in the NFL
  18. Its an a** f****** not a a** f*******.
  19. Didn't you see the game film showing teams just play prevent and let Ryan get garbage stats? Imagine not seeing the Falcons tie the game late vs ARI (should have twice after D blew it again) ...come within 1 score TWICE vs the Texans. ...taking A MERE 6 POSSESSIONS vs the Colts to come within a FG. Only Titans D shut down our O and MIN was a bad game all around; including Ryan's worst of the season. All despite changing OCs again, having bad OL play early due to injuries to the REMADE line, no run game most of the time, and playing catchup/shootout mode staying predictable and STILL scoring. Meanwhile, must think DQ is the best coach ever. Get rid of Matt and trade for Mack to the Bears! We'd have more than 1 win!!
  20. Same. One of my best friends favorite teams is the Dolphins. Saw quite a few games with him. I think one major flaw he has is not hitting the hole quick enough. He tries to do too much.
  21. This is funny...
  22. Debo has been less than average. Maybe it’s Quinn. Probably Quinn, but doesn’t stand out this year. At all.
  23. one of the biggest cons in sports... psl seats...
  24. That guys been trolling for a while on this, pretending to know something but it's really just bias/agenda. That said, I enjoy seeing other smack him down, too. I gave him objectively accurate data on Falcons cap this year. He said all sources were wrong and claimed Falcons spent $30M+ than all other teams on offense in the entire league. Factually, the Saints and Packers are spending more than Atlanta on offense and less on defense. I don't see them having trouble fielding a D. And, as of entering this week something like 8 or 9 of the 13 or 14 teams with a winning record in the NFL have spent roughly the same OR less than Atlanta on Defense this year. Dude blames Ryan for that. Imagine thinking 1 guy on defense would change how poorly coached or selected the rest of the roster is. Draft and coach well. Blame game on Ryan while ignoring the facts about the league and spending more on offense in general is just dumb. I decided to stop investing in any interaction with him. Carry on...
  25. That was a bad lost to South Carolina. Moving up from 10 to get back into the top 4 gonna be hard. Got to go thru Auburn, Florida and LSU/ALABAMA. Texas A&M isn't a lock and Missouri is in first place in the East. Thats a tall order...
  26. My God more mobile QB talk. Plenty wro ng with the team bu t the mobility of the QB position just isnt one at all.
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