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  2. It’s hard not to look at these games in the time frame as a football season. Now if it were the final 2 weeks, I’d have these games under a microscope.
  3. I've had this exact thought in every game of the series so far. (In fact we've scored first every game so far I think) We got to keep pouring it on
  4. Yeah, kinda baffled at that.
  5. BMac come on dude!!!
  6. And he has the night off lol
  7. This is a pitcher Riley probably has success on.
  8. Kakes has been well worth the smaller salary he accepted
  9. Look at Albies!!!
  10. Didn't address a single point and reverted to mindless talking points. Typical. Trump said that a judge who was born in America, is an American citizen, was not fit to preside over the Trump University case because he was, quoting Trump, "a Mexican judge". This isn't the first overtly racist thing Trump has said.
  11. Pitch count is up there already
  12. Why is he calling them out as not legitimately American?
  13. **** yeah
  14. The left has been calling everyone and everything y the y they disagree with racist for so long, they have not only pulled the teeth out of any legitimate claim of racism, but they are incapable mounting a reasonable response to a genuinely gross statement by the President. ‘Racism, it’s what plants want’
  15. Read my earlier post about why it's obviously racist. He's calling them out as not legitimately American BECAUSE they are black and brown. He's had disputes with people in the past. Not a single time has he ever told a white person to "go back where they came from". Because that phrase is virtually never used against white people. It's always used against minorities -- regardless of their actual citizenship -- because the assumption (made by Trump) is that people of color don't belong here, that they are intrinsically not American and not "one of us".
  16. Atta boy Nick!
  17. There we go!!!
  18. yess nick!
  19. Nice shot Kakes!!
  20. Still can’t believe he sat behind S.Jackson
  21. Agreed. The Brotherhood thing may or not be cheesy, as I am not in the locker room, but I sounds cheesy.
  22. Come on Nick!!!
  23. Pick em up Nick.
  24. Hate it but that was a good pitch
  25. Personally, I'm not really expecting him to become anywhere near NFL caliber production wise, but I sure hope you're correct.
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