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  2. He was interviewed for head coach for the Falcons in 2015 so they did consider him. Teryl Austin was interviewed also so I don't think they interviewed him just because of the Rooney rule. At that time they wanted a defensive minded coach. I admit I don't expect Keith Armstrong to be named head coach but it would be interesting. All the other coaches that might be available don't really excite me. I like the familiarity with Armstrong and the players. He is not a rah rah guy necessarily, he will chew you out if he has to. He is not afraid to raise his voice. My only concern would be like you guys said our special teams were average with him but I would be interested to see if Keith Armstrong would make a good head coach for the Falcons. To see how he would do with offseason moves and scouting. Hopefully Arthur Blank's hiring firm at least takes another look at him.
  3. we have seen it week in and week out for the last 3 years they are not that talented even when healthy.
  4. Good to hear Mathis may be ready soon, but I also question what comes out of 247 or Kirby- I’ve been seeing these great articles all season about wanting to open up, and get playmakers the ball, get Pickens the ball more, just seems like stuff maybe 247 wants to see or Kirby just says but nothing to show that any of its true- except Pickens did get a good many catches against sc
  5. Takk, Beasley, Clayton were all 1st round picks. Oliver was a 2nd round pick. You don't get drafted in the 1st or 2nd round if you're not talented. There's a massive difference between being talented and being a good football player. Those guys aren't good football players but it would be wrong to say that they're not talented.
  6. just because you say someone is done means youre trashing them ?? His 2015 and 2016 is miles above the Freeman today, which i have said constantly. He was top 7 rb in the league years ago, now he is flirting with as a top 20 rb. Well people were expecting big things from, cant use injuries or the o line as an excuse to why he didnt play the first 5 games but suddenly changed against Arizona. He’s doing more in the passing game than running game. Even you cant deny that
  7. Jackson only pitched because Martin got hurt. Martin doesn't get hurt then Jackson never sees the game. Snitker managed the game the same way he had the entire season. Greene/Martin for the 8th inning and Melancon for the 9th. That was the winning formula the Braves used when they were the hottest team in baseball from mid August through mid September. Wasn't any reason to change it.
  8. Was burch in Athens for the sc game?
  9. And a new box of tissues
  10. I just don't know how else to explain the major drop in velocity over the years.
  11. He was coach of special teams and defensive backs. He started coaching defensive back because he knew no team was going to give him a shot at HC being a special teams guy exclusively. Has there been another single example of a guy being hired as HC straight from special teams?
  12. Junior running back D'Andre Swift, who had 23 carries for 113 yards and a touchdown in the loss, reiterated that there was something off about the team before kickoff on Saturday. "Some people said they didn't feel... They just felt Saturday was... They didn't feel normal," Swift said. "Some people felt weird during pre-game. I'm not sure what was going on but we just weren't on the same page Saturday." Was their Gatorade spiked?
  13. John Harbaugh. To compare them to IT is just stupid and lazy.
  14. Still doesn't change the fact that if he is really giving him a chance to fix it he won't trade people away in the process
  15. @lostone i did a thing new graphics card, new ultrawide monitor, and finally decided to go to with monitor arms over stands, letting me add the one above.
  16. The fact that Dimitroff kept his job when Smitty was fired should have answered that question a long time ago.
  17. He does it out of necessity not because he likes to hold the ball, if he had as much time as ryan or brees he'd do some serious damage.
  18. This zero of a head coach has been sub .500 since his epic SB collapse. What in God's world is three more games going to prove? Is Blank seriously this delusional? What does he think that the football Gods are going to sprinkle pixie dust on this horrible, embarrassing, underachieving, spineless team? Actually, I pray that Coach Zero doesn't get fired in order to secure a higher draft pick...
  19. I guess we'll just keep doing what we've been doing since the formula has been so successful thus far.
  20. Well, the only time we actually played well was in primetime. Maybe we need more primetime games?
  21. Strong side is playing zone, weak side plays man. That's a bold strategy Cotton.
  22. And you think the fact that they don't overpay replaceable players is irrelevant to their success?
  23. Didn't say he did but also don't want to pay him to be someone he's not either.
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