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  2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is fun. It's pretty much what the other UA games were, so really it won't be something everyone enjoys. It's kinda mindless like an old Dynasty Warriors game, corridor crawling button masher... with leveling up aspects and a gear/loot mechanic in the form of Iso-8 stones that give specific boosts. The camera is god awful in couch co-op. Heroic camera is far better but it doesn't work in couch co-op. Very very poor camera execution in way too many situations though. I dunno if they can patch that, I hope so. It's not game breaking but it is pretty terrible sometimes.
  3. He played 1 more year. It's hilarious how that was such a horrible move!! Guess Bill Walsh was an idiot too because he would have gotten rid of Abraham too, especially with him coming off an injury.
  4. Pretty sure Deion admitted years after the fact that he would have stayed had the Falcons offered him more money.
  5. Bryant more dependable than Ryan? Is this a new Swift account?
  6. Abe injured his leg in the final game of regular season. falcons saved 6m in cap by cutting ties. The ONLY other team thwt offered him anything was Arizona. He made.1.6m in 2013. Guess BB is an idiot too for not.signing him.
  7. Move to Fairport, NY. I will never complain and neither would you...
  8. This guy pretty much says what most us are thinking. The Falcons have a Superbowl caliber roster. He starts off by saying the obvious, the Falcons should EXPECT to be clowned after 28-3. They can redeem themselves by winning the chip this season. Next, he goes into the injuries and my favorite, he gives Sarkisian a break and blames some of the trouble on the Falcons defense giving up early leads causing the Falcons to have to abandon some of their run game. He said Matt Ryan had the best season for a quarterback with a losing record. On defense, he likes the move of Quinn to coordinator where he thinks he will get more out of Beasley. He made a good point about wanting Kazee on the field more WITH Keanu. I'm in agreement that the schedule is soo tough that the Falcons will finish either 11-5 or 10-6. They will make a deep run to the Superbowl and we both agree they will meet the Chiefs. Oh, one more thing. Make sure they ship a ring to Alford. He deserves one after the pick 6 against the Patriots...
  9. Wait....I missed this? When did you supposedly stand up for Lindsey? Also get his name right if you are supposedly standing up for him old man. Am I supposed to defend him against woke person from Twitter that I don't even know? What the ****?
  10. It is interesting for sure. I always was a PJ fan. He is a great x’s and o’s coach, but he struggled with how the recruiting game changed. College football recruiting has turned into a circus and he didn’t want to deal with it and wasn’t equipped to deal with it. GT didn’t give him the resources to compete with the other programs. Our coaching and support staff was minuscule compared to other teams. Geoff Collins has been impressive so far. He has built a strong recruiting staff and we are starting to see the impact. It remains to be seen how we look on the field. Playing Clemson on opening night won’t tell us much because I expect us to get spanked.
  11. Sure. I don’t understand you.
  12. I’ve decided within the last hour that I will pour gasoline on the face of the next person here who impugns the baseball prowess of Josh Donaldson. Then, I will point a blowtorch at their face. Then...
  13. Are we still doing phrasing?
  14. Luke Jackson made me miss a Zlatan talking **** and backing it up goal
  15. I liked Minor. Time for him to come home.
  16. I have a feeling any trade we make is going to be a SP/RP bundle.
  17. Agreed, he’s got a spot in our pen, just not at the end. Make something happen AA.
  18. LMAO. Grimes went on to dam near equal Tru and Alf's combined production and three straight Pro Bowls. Abe wasn't hurt. He was drinkin, but still beatin plenty as. Dimi cut him. He went to a Pro Bowl. He was still playin like this:
  19. AA should be calling the Tigers tonight and working out a trade for Shane Greene!
  20. Poe got way more than he deserved. Coleman's deal is reasonable but let's not act like he's irreplaceable. The guys we drafted will be more than enough to replace Coleman's production. That's the way you do business. You keep your key guys like Jarrett and DeBo and let your role guys like Coleman go.
  21. Low quality trolling. Apparently we should have kept the 2016 team signed until 2035. Can you imagine 18 or 19 SB titles with the boys all locked up?
  22. To be fair though Alford who i actually like was the whipping boy for a good minute there and everyone was asking for his release before he started ti improve little by little although he never was that great. I personally would have rather both Alford and Trufant be replaced and upgraded from what i see last season. But we can't do both of them so 1 shall have to do for now. As for Coleman he was alright but nothing that can't be found better as RB's like him are a dime a dozen. I actually personally like Ito's running style better of the 2 and think he is better at seeing the holes and making people miss tackles. Now where i do agree with you is on Matt Bryant that dude was elite at his position and if The The Italian Stallion doesn't come in kicking everything automatic with a stronger leg then that one could for sure come to bite us. But on another note 4+ million is alot of money for a kicker in general but still a number i probably would have paid. The 1 thing that gives me some concern on Bryant is as good as he was for us not 1 team has looked at him or picked him up this offseason so im wondering if the Falcons and the other teams in the nfl know something i don't about him and his injuries last year possibly lingering. I would have backed you up on a bit more of your problems if you had listed players that i think were pretty good or couldn't easily be upgraded. If you were to list say Keanu Neal, Deon Jones, Grady Jarrett, Alex Mack, Jake Matthews, Matt Ryan or Julio jones as guys we didn't keep i would have been 100% in agreement with you. But alford and coleman can move on and i'll be quite ok with finding as good if not better replacements for cheaper which we very well could have already done.
  23. If I had to choose between Mike Minor or Marcus Stroman give me Mike Minor. Minor has proven he can handle pitching for the Braves and his 1 postseason start is much better than Stroman's 2 postseason starts. He's also been better than Stroman this year. Give me Minor!!
  24. I really hope this game finally costs Luke his job because he's done nothing to deserve it. I don't want to hear about spin rate, bad luck shifts or soft seeing eye singles. The guy is not a closer and honestly shouldn't be sniffing anything past the 7th.
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