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  2. Let's go boyssssssss I never doubted you Luke.
  3. Would love him on my team.
  4. I suspect 8-10 mill avg is what he gets with another PB. I’d sure love to keep him. All the work he & Ryan put in together during offseason isn’t easily replaced
  5. Bleh, I can't stand Yadi
  6. Lol @ anemic swing. You crack me up, Alex.
  7. I messed it up.
  8. One more. Let's get the Yadi out of here.
  9. Come on Luke 1 more out.
  10. One. More. Out!
  11. As Matt enters his twilight years I very seriously doubt we let many offensive weapons go. Especially a tight end which are ridiculously slow to develop in the NFL. With tight ends being relatively cheap and taking years to develop......Hooper is gonna be here. No other plan makes sense really
  12. Carpenter has killed us this series.
  13. no walks
  14. Dan Stinkler and Puke Jackson. Man you are killing it with these nicknames! Still love Jackson though
  15. This would be a huge come from behind win for the series and the road trip. Better be throwing strikes though.
  16. Please be Luke and not Puke.
  17. I think he's at best a chain mover and a TD scorer but not a bell cow RB. I think he's ceiling is 700-800 yards and 10-12 TDs, which is not something to sneeze at.
  18. Start with the first guy Luke. All that matters is Ozuna right now
  19. Honestly it feels like to me that the generation who fought the useless wars is coming in to power. We're the voting block you want to pay attention to if you want to last. We are still fighting those wars actually. Trump of all people is one who actually gets this. He ****s it all up but he actually gets that part.
  20. Need just 3 outs.. Let the butt clenching commence.
  21. Haha differing opinions make the world go round. As long as we can all agree that the Mets suck, it's all Gucci though
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