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  2. What about it? They made it to multiple NFCCG while he was their coach, yet they never won a SB. That would seem to back up the idea that his teams struggle when it counts the most.
  3. Shame Tlaib has no granny in the Xinjiang region...
  4. Agreed but it won't happen because of the media craziness that would come with it. Thats why pretty much no teams will look at him now. It really doesn't have a dang thing to do with not standing for the anthem stuff anymore at this point.
  5. Beat me to it. What an odd comment by him
  6. How bout this. We get Miller and swap 1s with Denver. Then draft a Safety KoG what say you.
  7. He beat our @ss at home in the 2012 NFCCG.
  8. Wow, got an early start on this thread. 63 LA 48 Birds The D keeps the Rams under 100, and Blank gives Quinn gets a 5-year extension on the flight home.
  9. I don't think the Bronco's do that trade, they'll want at least a 1st
  10. Not if Ryan spends more time running from sacks and gets hit every other play and throws multiple red zone interceptions!
  11. Program our brothers to run and kick in the Superbowl.
  12. Was hoping he'd lose yesterday to make this hire happen.
  13. Today
  14. A sect of our dumb fan base (yes we have a lot of dummies) is convinced that Mac Jones can actually lead an Alabama team to the promised land if he starts next year. Alabama with Mac Jones loses to Georgia, LSU, and Auburn at least. The dude is not good
  15. The main thing Tulsi has going for her is that all the worst people on the Dem side hate her.
  16. He made it to 3 straight NFC championship games!!! That's impressive. Him and Matt Ryan would probably be a good combination.
  17. Not a bad idea if we can get a good deal.
  18. But you need power arms to win in the post season!
  19. Alabama baseball has had them for a while. Even though the baseball team sucks, people still go to the games. Stadium was full most of the night despite what was, by Alabama standards, about a C performance
  20. As long as he comes in as our backup to replace Schuab im cool with Kaep being here. Have no interest in him starting over Ryan although he couldn't beat Ryan out if he tried anyways no matter what some people think XD But i do trust him enough to keep the offense running well if Ryan went down much more than schuab.
  21. Check out this interception!! Insane!! Also, mad props to Hawaii's QB here!! Dude showed a ton of heart here!!
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