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  2. Wide OPEN!!!
  3. Here's a plan! Tell them all to take 2 weeks off, then quit
  4. I love how they show Hunter's ill-gotten crib...
  5. when was that picture taken lol
  6. This is exactly what I said when I defended the pass rush win rate the other day. You can't even touch the QB within 3 seconds. That's been the biggest issue. Grady and Takk are beating their blocks enough to provide some semblance of a pass rush, but the back end is so terrible it doesn't matter.
  7. I know I’m trying to find out! I would hate to lose him but if we can get a great return then I’m cool with it!
  8. Network news is trying its best to make Hunter Biden a thing
  9. For what we could get for him what's the point? Just keep him, he embodies what the Falcons players should be, not what they actually are.
  10. Man, this really p iss me off. I want to keep him, but Quinn is wasting his career, along with others, here. Man, we need Sanu here.
  11. I don’t mind people attacking the op ed. But the implication of the post — and it’s not the first time this has happened — is that the WaPo sucks because they ran this opinion column. They didn’t even mention the name of the columnist who wrote it.
  12. You know Catholic schooling is effective when your reaction to seeing this photo on a Friday in October is, "It's Ash Wednesday already?"
  13. Using improper, cryptic grammar is not profound. This is 2019. You are not Yoda.
  14. And this dude “bet” how many millions again that Beasley would perform?
  15. I approve of this message.
  16. There was a play in the Texans game where 6 guys lined up on the LOS. At the snap 3 from the middle dropped into coverage. Vic, Takk, and maybe Grady
  17. I’m Confused about the point you’re trying to make. Neither the tweeter nor PG said WaPo shouldn’t publish articles by conservatives. The tweeter just pointed out that they published what he felt was a dumb and bad article. If you’re a newspaper, you maybe should expect that people who disagree with your articles will publicly say so.
  18. The fact the Falcons are next to the Dolphins, who are clearly trying to tank, in several defensive statistics Is disturbing. But the Falcons got them beat in total points allowed. Also the Falcons have a two separate games where the other only had to punt once. Phins have one. Falcons May have fewer turnovers as well...
  19. So let's just keep sending three or four and dropping everyone else. Seems like a strategy to remedy this issue.
  20. Really??? I wonder who
  21. The effects of Dan Quinn The DL Whisperer or Whisper
  22. “Uhhh yeah coach. Can you tell me about the lack a sacks uhh because there haven’t been any in a few weeks”
  23. I'd be fine with trading Hooper if a 1st round pick was the starting point of a deal. I don't feel confident in that happening though.
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