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  2. Ok. We will simply agree to disagree
  3. The next post I said the 1st qtr. we never held a substantial lead. 7 points was all we ever lead. Then GB would tie it right back up. We never made them punt one time.
  4. Cherry picked stats are the best stats
  5. like if millennials are rejecting your market-based ideology at some greater level than their predecessors, perhaps there's some underlying material reason? what if the results promised by your ideology didn't actually pan out? nah, it's cause those dumb millennials are doing it wrong. capitalism cannot fail.
  6. You said they never led in the game
  7. Compare what they are doing in OTA's to what they do in TC and it's night and day. Then compare OTA's to preaseason and it's super night and day. Compare OTA's to season practices and it's not even a comparison. They do nothing "essential" at all.
  8. Agreed, Thomas is overrated to me tho
  9. You, Part of the you didn't build that crowd... Keep believing in that philosophy and you'll be asking me for a spare room in one of my houses.
  10. You’re not wrong. We led or tied until 8:00 to halftime
  11. I just said that. It was 7-0 in the FIRST qtr. it was 28-7 in the second. Including a pick 6 to end the half.
  12. Let's talk about it, cap. First, to refresh your memory: We had a 7-0 lead after the first quarter...Packers scored only a couple minutes into Q2. We were never really nursing any lead due to being ahead so that is false. *My mistake, it was 35-14 after half in favor of GB. Why we couldn't run the ball... Fat and overused Mike Turner Justin Blalock Sam Baker Old and busted Todd McClure Harvey Dahl Big and Nasty OL means nothing. There are plenty of big and nasty linemen who can't block, so that is a false narrative. The Seahawks have had an awful line for as long as I can remember, and their decoy is RUSSEL WILSON. Heard of him? False again. 2016, our SB year, we passed nearly 60% of the time. I'll do the math for you since I question if you can at this point, but that leaves running the ball 40% of the time. Run sets up pass. Pass sets up run. It all works together. Another L.
  13. Without Capitalism these socialists nations could never exist. Have you ever seen a socialist nation prop up a deflated Capitalists nation? No you haven't, but you have seen a Capitalist nation prop up many declining Socialists nations.
  14. It was 7-0 Falcons in the 2nd quarter
  15. So ,, are you saying we do have a SB roster ,, or No ??
  16. Trading him for 5 picks handicapped our team and we were thin for a long time, could've had Phil Freakin' Taylor. Hood Ornament alert.
  17. The dumb thing about this take is that you think you have to be one or the other. Black and white. It takes a blend of ideas to make a functional society. I bet all social programs are crap and should be wiped out as well. Only capitalism reigns! It’s really helping on the medical side of things. anyway, but to making money
  18. neolibs: * weaken the modern welfare state, privatize public institutions, move the burden of taxation from corporations to citizens, from the wealthy to the non-wealthy, threaten the longevity of the new deal programs, move the burden of public university funding from state subsidies to tuition and fees * millennials: * doesn't vote for neolibs * neolibs: * shocked pikachu face *
  19. No, my advice was get an education you "can" pay for, don't go for the gold standard when you only have tin in your pockets. Lesson one from your parents. How about some parents stop going on cruises and European vacations and start thinking about their kids? My kids were 100% paid for by my wife and I. They didn't have a thing to worry about. And we started do that when they were young and at that time we had to sacrifice to do it. Shame on some of y'alls parents.
  20. I've listened to several Schlenk interviews and read quite a few Hawks draft-related articles and seen no specific mention of Reddish. So where are you getting this?
  21. Say no mo fam. I got'chu! "Top 7 D" "Top 5 O" "Top 3 Squad" "LIV"
  22. I have been and will always be anti-socialist. I have seen first hand what socialist policies do. A lot of people today don't get it. Capitalism has been the most successful economic system in the history of planet earth. A lot of people today don't get that either.
  23. Never lead in 2010. GB never punted ONE TIME in that game. Matt was picked off twice and turner couldn’t run. We HAD to pass. Never lead. It was 28-14 at half. GB scored 28 points in the second qtr alone. We lead 7-0 after the 1st qtr. The game went to sh*t in the second qtr.
  24. 2016 we got that far because if the passing game. The wco PASSES to open up the run. We don’t go anywhere if mr jones wasn’t on the field drawing coverage and keeping safeties back deep so they couldn’t load the box on free and teco. That’s football 101. ANY team with a dangerous wr that can take the top off the defense opens their running game. And nobody is “scared” of Julio getting hurt. It’s simply just the fact he doesnt have to be to a voluntary session. That’s it!!! That’s all!!! Also we were losing te 2010 playoff game at half. GB didn’t punt once and turner couldn’t run because GB shot him down that’s when the decision was made to draft a wr that could take the top off and relive pressure on the running game. What year was Julio drafted? 2011??? After what embarrassing game? The 2010 playoff games. Since then Julio has been torching GB and since Quinn took over they’ve only beaten us one time. Last year when half the defense was on IR!!!
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