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  2. Stop with the hyperbole. It's clown **** and makes you look like you don't have a real argument. No one in Canada or Scandinavia is waiting months or years for an MRI. Maybe a few weeks but if I needed an MRI right now, my doctor's office probably wouldn't have an opening anyway. What isn't hyperbole is that Americans are paying hundreds of dollars for routine procedures and people are going into bankruptcy because of medical bills. Policies have made it worse but the crux of the issue is a for-profit healthcare system. Everyone who knows anything about healthcare policy knows that single payer is the best option. The only question is how we get there. The only people who disagree are those who haven't thought about the issue for more than two seconds and think capitalism=America=good.
  3. Oh jeez. So now universities are basically 13th grade, 14th grade, 15th grade, and 16th grade.
  4. Hardest thing to do in BJJ for me is remembering to breathe
  5. I'm not a victim here. I just think charity should be handled by charity. Not the government.
  6. Lol. You need to watch interviews.
  7. it'd be a lot easier to just nationalize universities than have a weird labyrinth of inter-state income tax agreements.
  8. Like, how much of a **** do you have to be to think you're the victim here?
  9. "Boohoo I don't want to help these people and you can't make me!"
  10. Anything less than the best would be uncivilized.
  11. The position that will start moving up is ILB (LB) and Safety.
  12. Well I think people that force people to pay for other people's **** at gunpoint are scumbags. Once again agree to disagree.
  13. Look again I'm not saying make all healthcare out of pocket immediately. The costs are too ridiculous right now. Making it MORE free market and involving charities MORE is a long term goal, not a short term goal. That's the direction we should be moving. We're not going to get their tomorrow. The other alternative (single payer) is awful. Good luck waiting months or years for an MRI.
  14. I said I didn't agree, I didn't say it wasn't accurate. But do you trust the team above more than the Falcons? Those teams haven't shown they are trust worthy either IMO
  15. Yep, that’s about right
  16. yeah, I agree. I believe it is getting to the stopping point. You will probably see one more round of stupid high contracts for WR and then the teams that sign them will have lousy seasons and have to start "rebuilding" and cut some of the contracts lose. Then you will see normalizing of the market for WR and then it will settle to I-don't-know 16 - 18 million for a max contract. But this is all really predicated on the salary cap. If it goes up, salaries go up, if it goes down, they will drop and teams will cut high priced players to stay competitive.
  17. This is a pretty good distillation of libertarianism: More concerned about yourself than funding a program designed to help 9/11 first responders and saying people who wanted it funded are hypocrites for not donating to charities that you yourself have not donated to in decades. ******* scumbags.
  18. With Quin calling the defense now, hopefully the Dline and LBs can start applying consistent pressure on the QB so that Oliver and company don't have to be elite DBs and can just try not to get beat.
  19. I dont think we trade Ender until the winter. We have nobody to play CF except for Acuna. If Acuna were to tweak something tonight we'd be force to plug in someone who has never played CF. That's one reason Acuna has been given no breathers since Ender went down. Theres nobody else.
  20. I feel like you just circled back to your original argument without critically examining the holes in it which I've pointed out. The free market works when you are ok with those who cannot afford the product or service not receiving it. You said charities can pick up the slack, I said that charities do not have the infrastructure to do that. So where do we go from here? Do we just concede that in order for the healthcare market to truly be free, we have to allow people to die or are you going to think of some more ways to make it work?
  21. @Gritzblitz 2.0 @lostone First day of BJJ be like:
  22. Repeat. Cable News is garbage.
  23. Do you actually think that it was because Sark got more out of Matt than Koetter or is it because Matt has gotten better individually as his career has progressed? Personally I think it's the latter. I think you are putting way too much emphasis on the OC being the catalyst for Matt's success, when I believe it's the opposite cause and effect.
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