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  2. And not even a good one..
  3. I hope not if we run the ball then be creative with it. We have multiple backs. Would like to see more play action! Defensively just need to be aggressive from the start. Dawgs can eat in this game!!
  4. People question her because of her actions not just her words.
  5. I watched him too, he believes in running the ball. That's the thing with Sark and Kutty they are terrible with the run game. A good running game is a Qb's best friend and opens up the PA. It's also a good way to keep the defense fresh and mask some deficiencies. Mike Smith hid an atrocious defense behind Turner for years. Bevell is a good one and he will be around for a while. I don't mind an OC/DC as our next HC as long as they are elite at what they do. Harbaugh, Rex Ryan, or someone w/ a similar resume would do.
  6. I’ll probably grill up some salmon I caught a couple weeks back. I have the day off so I’ll probably garnish the salmon with 3-15 boxes of wine. Who knows?
  7. Here in New Orleans area our AAA team (Marlins) are leaving. Hopefully we get another one to replace them. Wishful thinking but if they restructure hoping Mississippi Braves come here. A way to increase minor league players getting paid they could expand the MLB 40 man roster to say 50-55.
  8. Dogg She either his beard or he’s hitting her with that long stroke that boi goofy
  9. Keep waiting for Falcon players and coaches to tank. You do you. Tank on tanker.
  10. *hiss* Gruden would have come as long as Jimmy Haslem and a couple of other prominent boosters had agreed to stay out of it. Amazingly, they wouldn't take that deal.
  11. Illinois just dissected that vaunted Wisconsin defense... Brandon Peters with the pinpoint passes...
  12. True
  13. Have I seen a QB with highly inflated stats due to an insane amount of pass attempts, a poor defense and constantly playing from behind? Yes. Brees from 2014-2016. Brees had similar stats in 2014 and was 2-4 in week 7 instead of 1-5. He ended up finishing at 7-9, though. And remember, your question was "have you seen something like that" and not "have you seen something exactly the same as this". And honestly, we're not finishing 3-13. We'll probably get some momentum and win a few meaningless games at the end to squash our draft position and finish at around 5-11.
  16. YES! I can't vote for Booker because I'm jealous!
  17. Bro, you missed my point. Ryan is on pace for career highs in yards and TD’s, 5300 yards, and 40 TD’s....and his team is 1-5, I’ve never seen anything like that. Have you?
  18. Lovie dailed up a excellent defense on third down for the interception...
  19. Has Ryan?
  20. Ehh, I know I'm looking at a QB good enough to win with. I know he's effective. I know he's fairly consistent. Doesn't make him entertaining. He has a very boring style of play, and he's not as good at it as either of the guys you mentioned. Manning and Brady on losing teams are still better than Ryan on a losing team. You should've just said Phillip Rivers lol, he's the perfect comparison to Ryan. Effective, stat-worthy, consistent, ringless and unathletic. As a matter of fact, they have the same issue as us in regards to filling up a stadium..probably because of a boring product.
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