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  2. End stage Noddle Arm
  3. Just looked at Greenwald’s timeline, wfw ain’t responding tonight
  4. Trump came out with new straws?
  5. On the plus side, we're getting the Rams at the perfect time. They're a mess right now.
  6. I'd be ok with him coming in...why not..
  7. Green Bay wins and I win my pool tonight. I will DONATE those winnings to a good cause.
  8. I completely agree with this. They wildly overreacted to Kaeding missing that field goal attempt. But the real mistake was picking Rivers over Brees. I said at the time that picking the guy that everybody hates over the one that everyone loves would wreck them. That's exactly what happened. The whole thing creates a fascinating bit of alternate football history. If Saban gets the medical clearance to sign Brees, who knows what happens in the NFL and the NCAA ever since then?
  9. Ryan suffers from Noodle arm syndrome as per TATF resident doctors from 2008. There is no cure..
  10. Ed so far has all of 11 tackles and 0 sacks...we’ll see if he turns it on as the season gets more underway.
  11. Who did what now? Do you have Tourette’s? and not directed at anyone specifically in this post. but do y’all still call Matt Ryan ice?
  12. David Johnson is a WR a lot of the time, and he's a dominant talent. But that's not why I'm replying. I've watched Arizona play a lot over the past three years. Fitz may be old, but he's still a stud in the league.
  13. Unfortunately I think the falcons will beat the Rams somehow, which means Quinn will be here longer.
  14. Yeah, I'm not against the Lindstrom pick at all, and fully understand the rationale behind it. I think it'll be good to great in the long run... just think betting on Vic & Takk was a reach by DQ & TD like you said, and we really could use a guy like Burns right now. Then again, maybe it's got less to do with the talent & more to do with coaching, meaning Vic & Takk would be having more production if they were playing for a different team, too. I was pleasantly surprised with Sheffield. Honestly did not care for the pick at the time (seemed like a guy who was super fast on the track but super slow between the ears) & will be happy if he proves me wrong.
  15. You named two, and one of those is wrong. The Spurs didn't tank. David Robinson had a bad back that kept him out two months. While he was gone, Sean Elliott got hurt. Then, Robinson came back and promptly broke his foot, ending his season. They didn't tank. They just didn't have their best two players. To a larger point, for a situation that you're stating is so cut and dried, it's interesting that you've only named one example in any sport. Also, Boston tanked like crazy the Tim Duncan year. They drafted #3 and #6 after losing the lottery. Pitino got fired with a 102-146 record as Celtics coach/GM. That's how tanking almost always works. Across all sports, the only undeniable example of successful tanking is the Houston Astros, and it happened for two reasons. One is that they hit on several high MLB draft choices, a mathematical impossibility in a sport where 40% of first round picks never make the majors. The other is that they revolutionized analytics in the sport to the degree that a division competitor committed federal crimes to steal their data. Otherwise, tanking is something that many teams have tried. They've had no problem with the losing part. It's the winning championships part that hasn't gone well. I mean, the Lakers tanked for several years and just gave away almost all of those players in a single trade. Philly's still begging fans to Trust the Process despite the fact that most of the players they drafted that way have washed out.
  16. May be DQ and Sark can play tag at Bama.
  17. Quinn needs to for the D there are soooo many overrated players. I do think Grady...Jones...Allen and Tak are good and we should rebuild around them. As for the are simply wasting your time. You just gave up 34 pts to a below avg offense. That's a good 10 pts more than they were averaging. 52 pts last week to Hou? Are you kidding me? What more do you people need to see? Whats it going to take? Mr Brees hanging 50 on us later this season?
  18. MNF

    That's some Richards open field tackling right there. Have we had a single run that long this year?
  19. Individuals I’m not worried about but beam me up Scotty when these coaches can get this group playing well consistently.
  20. MNF

    Does Beasley?
  21. You'll never respond because you got your feelings hurt back in May when I called you a Moron......but here's your shot. I honestly hope for a well thought out response that doesn't include Obama or Hillary in it. If you have one .....let's have it. There's a discussion to be had here.
  22. Not just money, he spends all the time with babies now. He is sitting with no energy on the side lines when his whole team and coach are full of it.
  23. Wow, just wow. So... Because Trump can’t control himself it’s the Democrats fault???
  24. A small prevarication (done by all POTUS to protect fools like you) doesn't outweigh the best economy, lowest unemployment, wage increases, best minority, women employment. highest labor participation rate in 50 years. Not to mention all the other things Trump has done and that your fake/scm/dems won't tell you about.
  25. Enablers of corruption would be how I'd describe the entire boomer generation in 3 words or less
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