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  2. This is why we don't leave the babies alone with Daddy until they are big enough to run!
  3. If we stay at #14 then I believe it Andre Dillard but I believe we trade back and still get Cody Ford
  4. Prior to reading others..........My pick is Wilkins.
  5. what can we get for Vic Beasley?
  6. JFC...putting America’s elections at risk to keep from triggering the snowflake president. WASHINGTON — In the months before Kirstjen Nielsen was forced to resign, she tried to focus the White House on one of her highest priorities as homeland security secretary: preparing for new and different Russian forms of interference in the 2020 election. President Trump’s chief of staff told her not to bring it up in front of the president. Ms. Nielsen left the Department of Homeland Security early this month after a tumultuous 16-month tenure and tensions with the White House. Officials said she had become increasingly concerned about Russia’s continued activity in the United States during and after the 2018 midterm elections — ranging from its search for new techniques to divide Americans using social media, to experiments by hackers, to rerouting internet traffic and infiltrating power grids. But in a meeting this year, Mick Mulvaney, the White House chief of staff, made it clear that Mr. Trump still equated any public discussion of malign Russian election activity with questions about the legitimacy of his victory. According to one senior administration official, Mr. Mulvaney said it “wasn’t a great subject and should be kept below his level.” Even though the Department of Homeland Security has primary responsibility for civilian cyberdefense, Ms. Nielsen eventually gave up on her effort to organize a White House meeting of cabinet secretaries to coordinate a strategy to protect next year’s elections. As a result, the issue did not gain the urgency or widespread attention that a president can command. And it meant that many Americans remain unaware of the latest versions of Russian interference. Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  7. Watch him ball out this year and make everyone look stupid.
  8. Warrick Dunn could give a clinic on how to finish. If he had to get the first down he would fight you tooth and nail. Otherwise he would turn his body sideways and slice in between two tacklers.
  9. Loved it rounds 1-3 but then you lost me. A QB, Trading up for a RB, a WR and another OT after already taking Ford. Would have rather seen another CB, Edge Rusher than another OT and QB. I can live with the RB and WR but don't trade up for any.
  10. I mean, it’s not wrong. Politicians are cowards and opportunists. But that is the poltiical reality. A better approach for Bernie would be to argue for felon rights after they have been released — which he could get support for — and then while in office he can promote expansions of that and shape public opinion. But starting with the most extreme (as viewed by voters) position isn’t the best way to accomplish his goals.
  11. I truly want HBCUs to continue. The way you are treated at an HBCU vs at a white institution is night and day different. I wouldn’t trade my experiences at either NC A&T (ghoe) or WSSU. I am for whatever gets people free cool and sustains hbcus. Gentrification is happening everywhere. It’s getting bad in Charlotte. also WSSU builds a new building and doesn’t do **** about parking close to it. I feel for those kids
  12. Where has Freeman been? We haven't seen him play in 3 years
  13. I haven't heard any talk at all. Has he even worked out for any teams? Maybe he's contemplating the right offer or retirement?
  14. Trying to figure out how I made a double post????
  15. Truth, this fan base loves tearing our best players down.
  16. I don't see Dexter Lawrence falling past San Diego at #28, but I would love a crack at him in the 2nd.
  17. Christian Wilkins makes a lot of sense.
  18. Nice to see Freeman remember he was a football player after that max contract he got
  19. Let's see, Russia Russia Russia, Collusion Collusion Collusion, Obstruction Obstruction it's Impeachment Impeachment Impeachment...Dems are truly stuck on stupid. @Big_Dog aka Squirrely Bob
  20. It will be either for a DT or DE Quinnen Williams - trade up w/Jets (2nd & 4th this year and a future 2nd next year) Ed Oliver - trade up w/Lions (3rd & 5th this year) Jeffery Simmons - trade back w/Texans (receive their 2nd and 5th) Rashan Gary - trade back w/Giants (receive their 3rd) According to Tony Pauline we really like Ed Oliver and we are willing to trade up.
  21. Snackbox trying to be
  22. I believe it will be Cody Ford but we’ll move back into the first and take Dexter Lawrence and solidify the lines.
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