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  2. We are gonna move up Into the top 5 for Quinnen. Bold prediction
  3. Before anyone says it, not even close to what Hunt did. Abusing your kid and hitting a chick for calling you the n word and swinging on you first are on two different planets. NFL needs to act immediately between tonight and the start of the second round tomorrow and ban Hunt. I couldn't imagine ever injuring your own seed.
  4. Wait, are you from Douglas also? Because thats where he played ball.. Knew him since he was a kid
  5. If we won the final games of the season just to trade up I'm going to be upset. We had nothing to gain by winning out. I hope we take the Best Available OL, LB, CB on the board.
  6. TJ Duckett was a breast!
  7. That is totally beyond belief.
  8. here we go
  9. TD man.....dont be giving up ANY picks. If DQ has proven one thing to me, it's that he can spot talent. Keep our picks. Just IMO
  10. No NFL draft spoilers, End Game spoilers are still good to post
  11. Ya'll think his career is over? Never know with nfl. Im not sure they have a standard or checklist. I think there has to video of you dragging someone out of an elevator after you have knocked them out on video.
  12. Id definitely get a boner if we draft a big rb.. Miss that style of run game
  13. Yesterday
  14. Kick his *** out for now and forever piece of P.O.S.
  15. Just thought this was worthy of a bump.
  16. alright here we go its time.
  17. Dude is a literal nobody. He's grasping for something to happen so he looks like the first to "break" news.
  18. So much talk about us trading up it can't just be made up. Rather back up into late first for two first round picks than into the top 10. I will not be surprised at all if they don't go DT or OT.
  19. I think we all know this dude is no saint. As long as he keeps his hands to himself, doesn't commit any more crimes and can play football really well, he'll be ok. God help whoever is around him when his career is over tho.
  20. Here we go boys. Big splash coming tonight. Calling it.
  21. Falcons trade Matt Ryan for Raiders 3 1st rounders
  22. It upsets me that a person's life can be ruined based on a lie. It's even worse with the rise of twitter and facebook. Glad when guys like Banks can overcome that stuff and shed light on the "I'm a victim because I said so, and I don't need proof" mentality.
  23. About time!
  24. 1. 3 QB's in top 10, 5 overall in 1st round. 2. Will Grier to Patriots at #32 3. No RB in 1st round. 4. Rock Ya-sin is first corner off the board. 5. Jonathan Abram and Darnell Savage go 1st round.
  25. Oh really, I just saw it cause the guy above me posted the link so I tried to help em out lol. Tbh wouldn't be mad with Bush. Would give us an elite LB Corp
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