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  2. Whoops, I'll get the mop bucket and some Pepto-Bismol. And why thank you! You're certainly my favorite giant monster that destroys Tokyo. DAGNABBIT, WE'VE BEEN HAD!
  3. Much appreciated, friend! And I know, sometimes I feel bad my replies are as long-winded as they are; mostly when 3-4 people quote them right after each other and it's like "Whoops! Now I'm taking up nearly all of this page..." The bad thing is, that one is on the "short" side compared to some of my other posts I've made. Also, I REALLY like bullet points if you can't tell.
  4. I’m not as low on dude as others, I think he could easily hit that mark barring injury.
  5. Yep, what a gift Arthur Blank has been to long t8me suffering fans like us. He is driven to get a Lombardi, and he is capable. He has made some mistakes along the way but never twice.
  6. Normally teams finesse the cap hits so that the year one guy gets big dollars another won’ cap hit would be the more accurate number fans should use to base their opinion of how a team is utilizing its cap space on a yearly basis. That’s why when people complain about xyz being overpaid, it’s normally seen as an overreaction by this board. Alf’s contract was seen as an overpay when he signed it, but he really only finessed us his last year because his play was well above his cap hit, then we got out the contract without a negative balance this year. Julio’s original payday was only an overpayment his 1st year, now he’s begging for a pay increase because his numbers aren’t close to his market value. If a fan is going to worry about how the team spends money, they should at least know how the team spends money, no?
  7. Sounds like he's pretty eager to succeed to me. He's setting a high standard for himself, can't complain about that.
  8. How? Lol. Some of y'all are crazy
  9. Wait, really? He had bunion surgery after the SB and that put his offseason behind for the 2017 regular season. Never heard of him having bunion surgery again after 2018.
  10. Video quality looks like a Tim and Eric sketch
  11. As Braves fans, we've been spoiled on this since, like, 1990, but there's something going on with our upper levels of the minors and major league team. Pitchers who clearly have ability aren't getting the job done. Even worse, it's systemic, save for Soroka and arguably Fried. I sometimes post that list of failed starting pitchers since the tank job. It's had me wondering for a while. Teams *should* unearth hidden gems. We're turning actual gems into shattered glass.
  12. I'm not sure about that. He's got a .979 OPS and is still only 24. I could see us opening a spot for him, depending on how the trade deadline go and how our roster looks on September 1st.
  13. I totally believe you
  14. I'm still salty about it. He was spectacular for us last year, and I don't just mean on the field.
  15. Had the second highest pressure% in the NFL last year.
  16. Today
  17. Yeah, nice try buddy. You lost this one lol
  18. He's talking about last year or did he do something else this year? He did seem better in what limited time I was able to listen to him.
  19. Have you even read this statement? You’re either a PS player or you play like a 1st rounder? Care to elaborate?
  20. Agree. And dont blame the guy for asking to get paid more....he deserves every penny outthere. Hes been absolute clutch for us and a great team player.
  21. Ugh..... Woke Thor... boo. I would be interested in Blade, but it's going to be hard to see blade cast as somebody else, other than snipes.
  22. ?? I'm not angry. Sn4tteRBoxXeR expressed concern that your discourse was a setup to get him banned and I advised him to be wary of continuing the discussion. I would have posted the the same if you had similar concerns. Life is too short to engage in toxic conversation with someone you don't trust. When I get angry, this thread is the last place that I spend my time.
  23. You understand how weird it is that you are saying "I'm gonna need proof that some other white person said almost verbatim what the President of The United States said before I believe this is a serious issue."
  24. The czar predicts us 3rd in the division but then says we could get back to the Sb. I’m thinking at least better than .3rd in the division.
  25. When specifically does APY matter? And, how is it better or more useful than actual cap hit? I’ll wait.
  26. I mean..... No.
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