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  2. My post doesn't mean he won't boom....
  3. Montgomery, Sanders or Henderson. If any of those dropped to our 4th rounder and there wasn’t a better prospect at a more important position- - I would make the pick.
  4. Looks and sounds like a SAM to me. Would be interesting to see how they develop him if they take him.
  5. He also seems to ignore Greenwald's stuff where he's favorable to Sanders and the left. For example:
  6. Even at that, at least they do take care of business once they get into the playoffs.
  7. The republican meltdown when the next democratic presidents violates every norm Trump already shattered is going to be hilariously exhausting
  8. Throw in the Colts during Peyton's runs in the AFC South. Always found it convenient how people ignored the ineptitude of the division certain QBs play in. Look at Rodgers in the NFC North for much of his career. The Lions and Bears have been jokes with the odd Vikings flash here and there. Then compare that to Rivers in the AFC West with only the Raiders being the joke, having to face the Broncos and Chiefs every year.
  9. I agree, even if I left it off my list. I suspect it may be someone like Crosby or this Akron guy though ( later rounds ).
  10. I'm really bummed that the first president to use memes is so bad at them.
  11. He'll stop quoting GG when he goes back to ****ting on Trump for prosecuting Assange.
  12. I would be mad but them getting this openly desperate this soon to cut him down is a good omen.
  13. I'm over here trying to laugh at the MSNBC liberal hosts but they keep making good points, I need to swap back over to CNN or Fox
  14. I think we still have salary cap money 'in the bank' so to say if we wanted to address any holes we don't get filled in the draft. Cutting Bosher, Wes and Fusco would get us some money to look at a vet CB if the draft doesn't fallout how we'd like in that regard.
  15. We have a disappointing Vic Beasley and a Takk that had some sort of mental wig out earlier this year. I kinda think that an edge pass rusher is in the cards.
  16. The hustle is so obvious. Should Bernie get the nomination, (and make no mistake, cable news will do their best to make sure that doesn't happen) it's going to be so weird to watch them pivot to being full on in the bag for Trump. Then WFW will be on here talking about how awesome CNN is now that they cleaned up their act.
  17. Hit dog holler
  18. Come on we are owning the liberals
  19. One day yall will move away from thinking you need a "big run stuffing DT". They got Poe down to sub 330 when he was here because he was too big. Senat is 315lbs. Davison is 315 lbs. New Orleans just had one of the best run defense in the league and their biggest DT was Davison. It's not about size, it's about gap discipline and alignment. If my 1T is aligned in the proper gap and remains disciplined, he stays clean and keeps the 3T clean and the LBs clean.
  20. App works fine for my phone. Got an update about the schedule
  21. The part I don’t get is, why is there so much celebration when a guy that says exactly what you thought he was gonna say because he says it previously that that was his position before he knew anything.
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