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  2. Kimbrel has lowered his demands to a "good 3 year deal" reportedly.
  3. Love it. We need more brash, smug, ******** on this team. I'm tired of the goody two shoes respect your opponent garbage. Nah. Give me a dog. Give me a **** talker. You can keep your politically correct choir boy players, especially on defense. Let's not forget Takk started out last season with 4.5 sacks in 3 games with even more qb hits, including a 2.5 sack game vs Cincy. Vic could learn a thing or two about growing a pair and putting yourself out there like this.
  4. It is, but you need the Republican-led Senate to play and I don't think they have the balls to pull the trigger.
  5. Yeah, that was the passage I was recommending people to read. The scope and extent of it is astounding.
  6. Wouldn't they just say they don't trust the parts of the report that hurt Trump?
  7. Dansby hit that ball hard!! Looked like the wind killed that!
  8. That’s what happens when you lose your best mlb, SS, and FS. Also McClain was a total bust for us. The run D got better when Debo came back. The main problem was we faced some qb’s that can run which makes the run stats look worse. In the last 5 games they only gave up 1 hundred yard rusher. McCaffery. And he barely cracked 100. I too think the D will be much better this year. Especially if they have a 2016 type draft defensively. We’re in great position to do so. The only thing I’m worried about is adjustments to scheme the offense will make. Getting on the same page. Only Matt and Julio and Free are familiar with DK in the passing game.
  9. You seem confused, maybe you can have the Mueller report explained to you Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers tonight?
  10. Trying to take my "Resistance" hat off, I don't see how the Congressional leadership can excuse not at least opening those impeachment investigations. They've been saying the Report has to come out and now that it's out, we see multiple instances of obstructive and law-breaking behavior, he's supposed to be the President...
  11. Not wormy @WhenFalconsWin
  12. You know that Tony would have been all about that MAGA life. Say word, @Billy Ocean
  13. It's at the very end of the Podcast He something like the bills are high on Oliver and keep in the back of your mind The Atlanta Falcons... He is a guy we are very high on and is willing trade up for (depending on the cost ofc) He said keep an eye on that
  14. lmao Rubin
  15. Sarah Sanders admitted under oath that her claims that FBI agents were unhappy with of the justifications for firing Comey...was fabricated and made up. “Not founded on anything” is the term used.
  16. In his scenario, he traded back in the 1st netting us a later 1st round pick a 3rd rounder and a extra 5th. Actually I misquoted our pick. We'd have 2 3rds, 2 4ths and 3 5ths.
  17. Talking has nothing to do with confidence. Any fool can talk trash or say something that they are going to do. You know what confidence is. Shutting the he11 up and just letting the Super bowl ring on your finger or your MVP talk for you. Takk has neither of those. I could care less what he says. He's not confident, he's just running his mouth.
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