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  2. Our OL wasn’t as good as it was in prior years, but it wasn’t as bad as Denver’s. Which was my point. I don’t blame Sark for it all either, he’s too easy scapegoat for fans to point fingers at. I blame a combination of OL injuries as well as Schraeder’s fall-off, yes some questionable play-calling, but also our RBs not hitting the holes that were there.
  3. If I could pay 85% of trade chart, I would go up to #3 for Quinnen. Wouldn’t go higher than #6 for Ed Oliver.
  4. Eh, DEN's D kept their games manageable and their run game strong as a unit. Period. We were not gonna be run first when our D was giving up so many points so quickly. And, with how many outside zone runs with Tevin we kept feeding as the main back; 93% of all of our runs(!!) according to one source, then how is Ito going to do any better? Blame Sark before Ito if you don't want to admit our OL flat out stunk. To suggest the DEN run game was 5th in DVOA with their QB play and it was mostly Lindsay and not their system letting him do his thing? Then, Tevin was garbage and should've been benched.
  5. He’s plenty agile enough but people will compare agile to guys who are weighing 20-30 or 50 lbs less. Compared to Vea Shelton and alike Dex by a mile.
  6. I hope so. tired of people talking about the same old names.
  7. Bronco’s OL woes last year are well documented, it’s why they hired Mike Munchack as their new OL coach and threw a boatload of cash at Ja’ James. So yes, Lindsay was pretty **** good.
  8. Ok I'm ready now. Thanks OP.
  9. I like the mock. In that scenario I'd probably pick Rashan Gary or Devin Bush in R1 and get my RT in R2, but I kinda expect the Falcons to go OT in R1. Would also prefer a LB earlier, probably in place of Gaillard.
  10. Yeah, if dex has 32 inch arms it wouldn’t be a question. The intriguing thing is the length and power. If you have that combo you can do a lot (if you take it seriously, learn well, etc) but a lot of rushing is body control and loose hips and getting yourself skinny too. Just have no idea what if that he can do. If he’s as athletic as they say, you’d expect he could do some of that. I’ve never seen his agility drills have you? still think he’d look way better at 325.
  11. For Williams yes for Oliver no and i like Oliver alot but im not giving up that much for any player not named Bosa, Allen, or Q. Williams who i think are the 3 true elite defenders coming out. Oliver is a bad man himself but i think he is the start of that next tier down that is Oliver, Wilkins, Sweat, and Simmons when healthy.
  12. Has anything you've said about Trump come true. Everything thing that he gets blamed for turns out to be a media lie and you fall for every one. Perhaps your sensitive to what he says and uninformed to what he does. It's very negative you know when all you know is to say negative remarks about him. Seriously do you ever sleep or have a hobby or do anything else other than post on this forum ? It's the same every day
  13. I don't think their is a wrong move between those 2 i honestly see both of them having a very very good nfl career. Even if one of the 2 ends up a little better than the other i don't think it will be enough to say we just screwed up tremendously as the other one will probably be right there close to him.
  14. Just notice Luke Jackson has more wins than Sale and Scherzer combined.
  15. I don't think you move that far up in this draft. Maybe to #5 or #6 but no higher...#3 sounds like just more hype fuel. AND if you made any of those moves; you pretty much are "going all in for a SB" draft style. Should've won 2 with Julio already... If that gave us a level of DL we haven't seen since DQ has been here and as long as the OL plans so far pan out? Yeah, I might do it. Could put us over the top with injured guys returning, coaching changes, and the FA we had. Sure, it places a LOT of stress on nailing your remaining 4th and 5th round picks; in the proposed you'll need them to contribute like 2nd and 3rd rounders eventually when roster overturn comes due or risk a falloff in 'window efficiency' without FA helping bring you. However, it's all about the risk/reward. We'd all probably be good if it got us a pass rush/LOS overhaul that netted a maximized window. Given the defenders coming due, we need to make things count now and also draft well. You might be more mediocre / average D again if you sit and those picks don't turn out as dynamic or ever produce compared to the ceiling of QW or EO. If they move up for a top 10 pick, it'll still signal they want their guy. I like it. If it's egregious of a move it's SB trophy or bust. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean you win the SB with that player doing well but that'd be the goal. I think there is certainly a cut off and I'd still be shocked if we moved into the Top 5. Slots 6-10 I'll buy that as more of a palatable range as a fan.
  16. Yeah, we were bad stopping the run as well as running it. But Denver had problems there too (4.5 YPC against them).....KC/NE/Rams all ran the ball well while giving up 5.0 YPC defensively, so not being able to stop the run doesn’t correlate to not being able to run the ball yourself . My point is Lindsay overcame greater odds to have a break-out season, it’s not like Ito didn’t have his opportunities to do the same. Doesn’t mean Ito can’t fill a role here.
  17. It’s funny that you say this because I recall both of my daughters enjoying basketball the most when they were very little then nothing for years although my oldest had a brief following of Lebron James second stint at Cleveland. They’re now pretty good Braves fans now. Taking them to the games helped. They like the Falcons when they’re good lol and always root for Alabama football. The Braves are a close second though.
  18. Hanley Ramirez
  19. At the empty wins..
  20. I think you’ll get the same take from the scouts. Like CTanns post alludes to some of those stats aren’t going to do Lawrence justice.Moving the pocket is a big thing and Lawrence’s length is a real telling sign here. If any of you noticed the pro-day footage. Watch the drill where Wilkins and Lawrence are pushing the pad with the guy wearing the breast pad you notice when Wilkins explodes into the bag the guy with the pad can still get hands on Wilkins.When Lawrence does the above mentioned the length of Lawrence comes to play he shoots his hands with his leverage the coach wearing the breast pad can’t get a hand on Lawrence meaning Lawrence owns and has complete control of his opponent. Then go back and look at Clemson game film on passing downs Lawrence lined up at 0 head up over the C it’s game over just about every down I saw Lawrence controlled his man either shed him or drove him where he wanted and moved the pocket and effected the play. Length peeps Length throw in leverage at 340 lol game over.36 reps on the bench with 35’ long arms. This is what bought me around about Lawrence.
  21. My young’n is only 16 months, Baseball hasn’t quite caught her attention yet. Of all sports, she seems to enjoy basketball, probably because of the constant moving. She did smile and clap when I yelled touchdown Julio later in the season last year... progress.
  22. I have to stream them but had it on while I was playing MLB The Show like every night.
  23. I remember those years. My youngest daughter came out of the other room during the sixth inning to tell me how much smarter she was than her older sis and her Mom at DVD clue. Ordinarily I would have taken a break and joined them but I was still talking with my Father at this point.
  24. I really don't drink sodas either...but when i do it is either a Dr Pepper or an A&W root beer
  25. How does an OL worse than the Falcons have the 5th best rush offense in the league in terms of DVOA? Lindsay was just that good carrying Keenum and that OL? I guess. /Purple
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