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  2. And they have to play each team away.....I can understand if both games were here, but to trade home and home? No fair! They need to do something about that!
  3. I think we have to. One to have decent depth, and as you mentioned giving us flexibility with our cap situation.
  4. The report is online now:
  5. Can you really own stupidity? You can only acquiesce it
  6. Actually, it's down quite a bit. His K% since 2016 has been 23.4, 21.8, and 22.9. So far this year, he's lowered it to 18.5%.
  7. Hope he works through this to the best of his abilities. I hate to see this kind of thing happening to childhood 'heroes'. I was 18 when he joined the Falcons.
  8. Actually, you make my point in that we have no depth behind our starters except Wreh-Wilson. I would not be surprised if we draft a CB this year to learn and then cut Trufant next year in favor of that rookie (exact same scenario we did with Oliver and Alford).
  9. 132 posts, claims intimate knowledge of the folks here. I wonder what poster his IP address matches up with?
  10. It isn’t racial....this is about dollars now. It’s big business and quite honestly disgusting.
  11. If he’s a “bust” as Grady part 2 sign me up
  12. You keep ignoring Sanders. Not sure why
  13. Lol yall go way out yall way to insult vic..leave that man alone.
  14. It’s disgusting. Systemic racism in action (but white people get screwed by our “Justice” system too...).
  15. It's really more fun to participate than to observe
  16. Seems like kind of a ***** move to not be involved in any convos for the last several years and then show up to troll the thread today.
  17. Could you re-review all that you own and doing in your life to make your friends here feel better about today's findings?
  18. lol thots
  19. Because fans always assume big = difficult to move. I always go back to telling folks Daniel McCullers was a terrible football player but people drooled over him because he was a massive man. We see the result. Same with Jake versus Greg Robinson. Big isn't always better.
  20. Met Kenny once. He come into the retail store I manage and bought some furniture. He was elated, almost embarrassed that I recognized him. He sat down and talked Falcons' and NFL football with me for hours. Nice guy. I knew he had some legal problems. This saddens me.
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