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  2. FYI, it clips out the part where Crowder shoves the guy just before he started wailing on him.
  3. I think we would have possibly won the SB last year if we were healthy. Matt Ryan was on fire!
  4. Catching hands my ******* ***, Crowder ducked 1 and blocked 2. What was he gonna do, retaliate against a guy 20 years his senior? Like that violent mob wouldn't have jumped in if he had. ******* *******.
  5. He gets to keep his precious EC system and Californians would get more accurate representation. Why wouldn't he like that?
  6. Unfortunately the bulk of the wildebeest migration crossed the river 2 weeks before I got there! Words cannot describe what it’s like out there, raw, deadly, brutal, emotional, overwhelming, runs the gamut of emotion and pulls you into the now. For instance, have you ever seen a lake with millions of big flamingos in it? The magnitude of it is utterly mind blowing.
  7. The once august politician is now in dismay...
  8. I'm normally one of the ones trying to calm down the overreactions, but I find this incredibly disappointing, especially since Quinn, the guy who placed a lot of belief and cash into mentoring the guy up to his potential, is disappointed he's not there. I'm not gonna argue whether OTAs or his personal training is more helpful, but you can do both. A life lesson I learned a while ago is that the easiest way to show a boss or potential business partners that you're serious is by showing up for non-mandatory things. Quinn basically put his own *** on the line to allow TD to protect Ryan better like Blank demanded, and now a lot of the defense's success hinges on Beasley and Takk buying into Quinn's scheme and mentorship. Extremely disappointing and concerning, IMO.
  9. Can't wait for all of the fake videos about how Bernie and Biden are sick and dying and Trump is a beacon of health
  10. I think Ollision could tip the scale in our favor for who has the best RB group.
  11. There is no “jock tax” in Florida, Texas and Tennessee. It saves them between 6-8% in taxes compared to teams in any of the other states
  12. Yep, one of the contingencies in my OP is our young guys on both sides of ball have to step up. Oliver and our rookies have a window in first part of season to experience some growing pains, but this team needs to be firing on all cylinders come mid season before we start the division games and the playoffs.
  13. What do you think San Francisco can realistically get from the braves if they made a trade for bumgarner and a reliever?
  14. Medicare and the VA are two different styles of systems. I want universal healthcare and a system where people are not either dying because of a lack of care or going into debt to get that care. Texas teacher dies from flu after deeming antiviral drug too costly "People are dying": Diabetics rationing insulin amid rising drug prices
  15. We need more union workers.
  16. I think we can be a contender once again. Keep the defense healthy but I think this 'upgraded' OL must EXECUTE and show they're an upgraded line. We MUST convert the 3rd/4th downs with less than two yards into first downs and especially in the Red Zone/Goal Line. IF we can do that, then that tilts the time of possession to our favor and impacts BOTH defenses leaving ours fresh and rested and leaving the opposition's tired and sucking wind in the 4th quarter. Do that, and we're at least a 12-4 team next season and back into the playoff/SB hunt.
  17. Players don’t pay that though do they. Surely they'd have things like trusts and businesses where there money can be deducted against there earnings or is that not how the US tax system works. I know here in my country my business account everything I earn and buy goes through so I can write as much as I can off.
  18. Gibbs can play. That's a 4 star RB.
  19. looks like june really will be the end of may
  20. How so? Defense’s aren’t dictated by names on paper you still gotta play. McCoys a great player but there are a lot of variables that go into it before making a call like this. Again this is the name association bit because he’s been great somewhere else he’s going to be great here.
  21. That’s awesome., I’m jealous. Were you there for the infamous crossing of the Mara when the crocs take care of business?
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