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  2. Hez the second coming of JA98, nice guy, soft, funny how he is on the trading block & no one wants him....enough said
  3. Hoop was the first player in one of my real time drafts that Dimi actually drafted. I think he's very good and a 3rd down chain mover. With that said, his blocking is atrocious. He is gonna get Ryan or Free killed. In light of that and our upcoming cap challenges, I wouldn't mind moving on. I think Graham may be just as good as a receiver and maybe a better blocker.
  4. Not saying it's factual but that's just how some guys are. Some in it for the money, some in it for the game. He's single with no kids as far as I know so the only family I can assume he wants to provide for in the moment is his mom and dad
  5. Imagine our players calling the plays lol Now that would be comedy.
  6. I thought that was one of the times @Leon Troutsky and I were arguing about impeachment/me ****ting on Pelosi for not wanting to. Gave me a chuckle that it was because you thought they should only start impeachment deep into the nomination process lol
  7. He's celebrating Thanksgiving a bit early...
  8. Read closely and you’ll see I’m right
  9. I remember the data that showed Democrats have gone way to the left over the past ~40 years, which seemed odd, considering Dems began moving away from labor and towards capital in the 70s and haven’t looked back since.
  10. Bailey and Davison just do their jobs in the run game. That's why we have some semblance of a run defense. It just doesn't matter because teams just pass all over this team. Look at Cominsky. He's made plays by just doing his job right. Get more guys who will do their jobs right first. Then look to add the playmakers.
  11. Yes because going on 5 political programs and lying about what caused 4 deaths in Benghazi makes her an upstanding civil servant...smdh
  12. This was supposed to be in the other thread. But posting "I know you are, but what am I?" in response is poor form.
  13. Only a commitment to run the football will help this OL in a meaningful way. But 71% - 29% pass-rum ratio isn’t going to cut the mustard
  14. I think that's it right there.
  15. And that is perfectly fine. Is cutting Ty Sambrailo really that hard of a move to recover from? Schaub? Stocker? A big deal is being made over dead weight bodies being moved off the roster. This is a roster that needs to be completely rebuilt. Yes, next year is going to be ugly too. Get it over with. Cut the dead weight. I agree the core is Matt, Julio, Jake, Grady, and Debo. Hooper is apart of that as well. Like you said, Freeman, Mack, and Tru can be moved. We can live with Ito, Hill, and Ollison over Free for a year with better blocking. We can live with the $8MM in cap space without Mack, given the OL is still trash with him right now. We can definitely live with rebuilding the defense without Tru if they can trade him for a top 100 pick. I'll gladly eat that dead cap for one year to open up the space in the future. This isn't a 1 year rebuild. Yes, they have some ugly contracts that are going to restrict them from filling out a complete roster in 2020. I've already accepted that as a foregone. I'm looking at 2021 and beyond.
  16. Kyle isn’t even chasing the 2016 offense. He is constantly evolving. If youre chasing a static objective, even if you reach it, you cant really evolve. The mind behind the objective is gone. Bring in a new mind to build his own vision.
  17. No sanctions against Turkey. Trump is totally not compromised.
  18. Yeah but why settle for 20 when u can make double that then I guess check out? But I get what your saying..
  19. How much of a difference do you think it will make for our offensive line if Chris Lindstrom comes back week 10 or whatever it is and plays well? Do you think that would be enough to make the offensive line a non liability to Matt Ryan? I actually think the offensive line could be really good with the guys they have now if they just had time to gel.
  20. That is a big reason as to why they lost. It doesn't, however, explain the blowouts. We've both gone over McGovern enough to explain his blowout loss, but Mondale and Dukakis were particularly weak candidates going against very strong ones, one of which ushered in a realignment of the party systems.
  21. Anonymous scouts and executives are always psychic. They're the same ones who would've drafted Brady, Wilson, Prescott, or (Insert Non-1st Round All-Pro or Pro Bowl player here) in the 1st round but were "overuled". Vic was pretty unanimously seen as a top 10 pick and the top pass rusher in the class, who just needed to develop as a run defender. Obviously it didn't work out that way but that statement was ridiculous.
  22. You don't have to be in it for the long haul if you're satisfied with over $20 mill
  23. Feisty??? I asked a question and you tip toed around it. If you can't answer it honestly just say it. The thread is about Beasley so yes, I want to focus on Beasley
  24. For the right price,and if TD and DQ weren't doing the drafting.
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