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  2. Super amped!! Let’s get it right durrty birds!
  3. Looks like Wilkins dressed up in Falcons colors
  4. I really wish we could get Q-Williams.
  5. No spoilers.
  6. Realistic....with no trades.... ALTHOUGH I REALLY THINK WE WILL TRADE UP FOR OLIVER
  7. I'll be watching that. I hope with Morgan in it that he get's enough money from it to make up for the years lost in the NFL.
  8. HAPPY 62nd BIRTHDAY, Draftnut57!!! And good luck in your game. I think we make a big "splash" pick/trade, tonight, that will blow us away!
  9. Will definitely be watching this...I dont go to the movies but I will when this comes out...gave me chills
  10. Lock him up and throw away the key. Should’ve done it after the first time. Nobody deserves a second chance when it comes to beating women and children
  12. Julio is so frustrating to watch, but glad the damage was limited to 1 run.
  13. Grade-A piece of poop
  14. You think so? 5th rounder still on his rookie deal and should get the same treatment the others received
  15. We should draft one of these DTs... but knowing Dimitroff we will probably draft a LB or DB. I would be ecstatic with Oliver or Wilkins at any spot we can get them. But I also agree with the idea of working in more picks in that 2nd-3rd round range.
  16. Here's a Youtube live stream of the draft for the cord cutters
  17. He's the highest graded player in the draft (BPA) and a need. That's why I wouldn't be mad. But it makes next year's draft less fun.
  18. I'll take the one. I thought it was 3-0.
  19. Come on Julio
  20. They need their ***** whipped!!!!
  21. Would depend on what was given up. Good player.... but is he worth 2 first and a second.... at least?
  22. And we have at least 4 people here who are members.
  23. I think we are transitioning to a more physical style play and do not have the RB to do so. Also I dont think its very smart to rely on Free to stay healthy. I see the Falcons filling the void by the end of tomorrow
  24. He played high school football in my hometown. I helped him in the bank here the day the news broke that he was possibly about to get the huge contract. He didn’t want to talk, seemed like kind of a jerk. Not that he owes me anything, just my personal experience with him. Could’ve just been worried about these upcoming legal issues. Sad to see somebody throw millions of dollars away because of personal issues.
  25. We up and down right now. Hot then rain
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