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  2. "It doesn't affect him personally."
  3. What do you think about Trump’s racist comments about Tlaib and others?
  4. I don't think he was joking at all
  5. Conservative politics are fine for scaring the elderly and the insecure, but they have never been a great inspiration for art or humorous reflection/observation. Any type of comedy that springs from a conservative is them attempting to appeal to like-minded conservatives by constantly roasting their "enemies", utilizing their usual racism or belligerence, rather than roasting their own side.
  6. I mean it's the next logical step in the tirade you've launched here today. Your mask slipped a long time ago, but you're showing your true colors in high definition, 4K picture today.
  7. Michelle Obama: When they go low, we go high. Mdrake: Nope, hold my beer.
  8. Went from “he told the truth” to “poor language choice” in just a few posts. Next it’ll be “he was just joking”.
  9. In real life or internet lyfe?
  10. What's the over and under for worzone using the N word today?
  11. Dear asteroid, It's time. Namaste, Boner
  12. Israel honestly should just retake the Gaza strip. The moment they elected Hamas should have been the moment that little experiment was over.
  13. I’ll be positive once we lock down the best player on our DLine for 5 years
  14. True but as someone said... when you have to use the tag multiple years... the price really goes up. If they tag him this year will he be any cheaper next season if he stays healthy? Probably not... Most likely he'll be even more expensive. When you kick these cans down the road they just appreciate and become more expensive.
  15. Yes it's been updated because we live in a world where political correctness is deeper than dog sh, er poop. As for Grady's Brink's truck contract, not gonna happen.
  16. Poor language choice. They should go back to life before Congress because they are all not only bad at their jobs but communist influencing our nation. Far more dangerous than any Russian interference.
  17. Can't believe I got my wires crossed so bad I said a Democrat hesitated to call Trump racist SMDH. That isn't the wedge. The wedge is whether a Democrat's willing to work with him or put up total resistance. On that count it comes it handy that he has a reputation for being a racist but publicly denounces racism. He poisons the reputation of everyone he works with in a way he doesn't have to own because of where he sits in the government and the Republican party, and his poison makes Democrats foul to other Democrats. He's like a King Midas, but instead of making things turn into gold, he gives them implied racist intentions. Pelosi's already a servant of a racist institution; that's all gonna get worse from here.
  18. Health will be part of the discussion. If Debo misses any time this year that price tag comes down because 'injury prone' starts getting thrown around. Just curious but what were last seasons stats when Grady was out? If I remember correctly it went from Bad to Disgusting.
  19. Do you think he actually cares?
  20. he could have gotten paid the two previous years and not missed paychecks. He didn't get more money by holding out. Even worse for RBs is they lose their marketability so quick as they start fading after 30yrs old.
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