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  2. You want me to beg? Ok consider this begging. Please tell me what Rusty said.
  3. True, I hear ya
  4. Unfortunately our system isn’t much of a system. Might as well let Matt just call the plays. We don’t run those deep crosses like we used too guess we don’t give him time enough to let those long developing plays emerge Breeze arm strength regressed last year down the stretch. His injury may help his longevity.
  5. Yeah that is our modus operandi. This year feels different. Our NFL defense is giving up 33ppg. That is epically bad. Our really good QB has ankle sprain and getting hit 10 times per game.
  6. Ramsey isn’t the reason why though dude. My goodness lmao. You guys can have this for tonight. This is ridiculous
  7. Pernell McPhee just went down for the season. The Rams got Dante Fowler last year for a 3rd and Beasley is just as accomplished I would say.
  8. Lol dude when people were saying the Falcons should trade for him I posted numerous videos of him guarding elites showing how he gets bailed. You literally either saw him give up a pass, get help over top, bad throw by the qb or an occasional knockdown. He labels himself a shutdown corner because he will trail the #1 and you guys really take that and run with it without looking at more footage than an occasional highlight on sports center or NFL network. That’s not how true shutdown corners perform.
  9. I have always pictured Drake as Tim Robbins in The Hudsucker Proxy
  10. Yeah but I am living in contract reality while you and others are living in fantasy candy land. Thus me saying we move on from Hooper. Everyone’s first instinct is “keep Hooper” - you always want to keep your good players. Now everyone regrets the Trufant and Freeman deals and they were good players when we signed their extensions as well.
  11. What killed this team was going all in hoping for a return trip the next season.. Some bad moves and more bad moves.. After KS left the window was closed
  12. An undisciplined group of former college stars getting schooled, basically getting their ***** handed to them by novices of the sport. A team so inept at play calling it made coaches of Pop Warner cringe. But that isn't the crux of the problem, they are frustrated because they believe thy DESERVE to be 6-1, they are the first team of the Millennial Generation, a group from GM to water boy that believe what commentators said in the preseason and thus didn't need to play preseason, while other team are taking extra practices, working overtime to hone their craft and master their skill. Meanwhile at camp "If Ya Wanna", they're playing some hip hop music to bond in this brotherhood of love, some taking a break from their underwater basket weaving class to toss the old rock around. This group of 'Elite Talented Super Bowl Bound' can wallow how unfair they've been treated by the Press, Fans, Owners, Coaches etc... But if these 'Millennial Goliath's' were able to take a break from Delusionville, they would see the facts: There are teams working 10 x's as hard as they are just to be mediocre in this league and kicking the Falcons' *****.
  13. If you’re the Jets at this point, you know you’re going to lose. Do some sell out blitzs and lay some quality bone smashing hits on Brady. Penalties be ****ed.
  14. When something is working extremely well, do whatever i,s necessary to keep the ball rolling through continuity. Whether it's promoting a subordinate to continue a system or keeping a mentor and pupil together. Recreate, as best you can, the conditions that led to success the first time around. Don't be fooled and then overpay when a previously mediocre-to-just-good employee excels in a system designed to make them succeed. Be wary of paying top dollar for a one dimensional skill set employee, because when they lose that one dimension, they are useless to you. If you sign an employee with a fatal flaw in their skill set, it is your responsibility as a boss to isolate and attack that weakness, to develop it until it no longer stops the employee from reaching their full potential. THANKS !!! Excellent Post !!! These bullets will be part of my office << TO DO ! >> Bulletin Board at my engineering firm.
  15. In 2007 when Revis one of the leagues best corner in nfl history played Moss and contained him for 79 yards, that was the gameplan. Sometimes the gameplan is not to totally take someone out but limit them enough that they dont make a huge impact
  16. We'll not be drafting high enough. As soon as we're mathematically out of the playoffs we will win out. We always do that so we won't have to draft someone good.
  17. We were running wco concepts at the end of the Cards? Where was it when we were driving we’ll second half? I think it was Cards. Looked like an entirely didn’t team from one half to the next. Yeah. I like at least 6 more years.
  18. Geez, Rubber band/ barb wire Thanks for sharing...
  19. Lots of issues - best two players over age 30 and the one unit we focused on in offseason (offensive line) is a mess. No super clear path forward.
  20. And as I said, if he wants to be paid $8.5 mm/yr, that will be someone else's problem. I don't see TD or whoever is GM justifying paying top dollar for him when he's not a complete package or elite like Kelce/Ertz. I mean there will probably be a desperate team out there for sure.
  21. Even IF we ended up with the #1 pick in the next draft do you REALLY trust that the Falcons front office would make the right pick.....even at #1?
  22. No accountability at any level.
  23. It would be funny to let Hooper walk as he is one of the few players drafted in the last few years that has risen from nothing to be a legit pro bowler at his position. Because we are the Falcons that is probably what we will do and he will have a HOF career somewhere else.
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