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  2. HAD to be done.
  3. I know that’s a TAFT narrative, but Kazee at FS instead of Rico back there was way way down the list as to why falcons other DBs sucked so bad last year. Did you watch Alf at all? Richards? Tru? And again, I didn’t say move him to safety now. I said he was a viable backup option if either Rico or Neal were injured.
  4. This checks out. Your first response to me in ABF was "There is nothing worse than when a dumb person thinks they have a good idea."
  5. wasn't he basically the ONLY real defensive back we had for a while though???
  6. Will Smith please...
  7. This is the type of stuff I just laugh and shake my head at. Why does it matter how much cap space the Falcons have? Do they get extra wins for it or something? Bonus points during the games? I couldn't give two flips how much cap space the Falcons have during the season. It's completely meaningless because the roster you've got at the beginning of the season is all there is. There's no going out and signing a marquee player during the season.
  8. The tweet that sums up my ABF experience.
  9. This is exactly how I feel too, I can see them keeping Bumgarner but those other arms got to go.
  10. nobody is happy when someone dies like that, do you think HE is happy? and yeah, the parent and player statements wouldn't DARE be emotion based, and I'm SURE the board of regents wouldn't have had access to any of that when he was cleared. Did he spend any time in jail? No, the system doesn't always work and there are things going on in my youngest daughters life that prove that more than you could possibly know, so don't you DARE try to lecture me young un. just don't..... Innocent until proven guilty, apparently he's not guilty enough to be charged with anything. you want to bring up other irrelevant situations, who went to jail for the Vikings a few years back when one of their players died in camp? what about the multiple high school deaths over the last few years??? were those 'preventable' huh? HUH????
  11. Rico worked with the same corners and we were never destroyed like that by mediocre QBs. Again, DQ made the right decision.
  12. And I’m sure it was because he was our safety was why.
  13. Slippery slope for me...I think everyone deserves a second chance...but this might have been too soon.. Its still fresh in everyone's mind...and could make people close to the situation (Family and Friends) feel some kind of way.. Thats the issue I have...go chill out for a couple of years...make some some contrition and then come back....
  14. Yeah and then we'd go back to having the likes of Eli Manning and Jameis Winston bomb on us for 400 yards again. He's where he needs to be.
  15. If Vel gets this excited it must be something special!
  16. I remember when my grandmother got new carpet. You would think she was Japanese the way she made people take their shoes off before coming in.
  17. He could easily go back to safety if need be.
  18. It sets the tone when you are able to do that repeatedly. Really interesting to see how Koetter and Mularkey is handling the co-op.
  19. Says you. Like I said, google it. Do your own research. You are wrong.
  20. If everything that was reported actually happened i dont think he would have been reinstated so fast.
  21. I'm just mad that I didn't think of it first.
  22. Nursing home aides don't get paid enough.
  23. I am all for second chances. But this isn’t a good look for the Falcons. Dan knew he was going to take some hits so I hope Durkin can add the commensurate value. One thing. It’s better that Durkin is in the pros vs coaching in college.
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