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  2. wfw has stage IV Mueller Derangement Syndrome.
  3. Not that much really. It was a sham because he feasted in games going against rookie 3rd and 4th string RIGHT Tackles that netted him almost half of those sacks. And that was ONE season out of FOUR... for those that pay attention to details like that.
  4. Yeah, Barr said publicly that Trump “fully cooperated” with the investigation. Trump tried over 10 times to shut down the investigation. That’s not “fully cooperating”. Barr lied to the public.
  5. Just another excuse to make justification for a player because you like the position. We Bama fans love a great many of our players. I like Q, Jacobs, and a few others. Jonah benefits from the weak talent pool for the position. He’s not that good.
  6. Very good read.... Man the Athletic is a must have for falcons into and i agree... If and thats a big If..... With the position we are in and our cap space what it is for the foreseeable future..... If you can grab a difference maker... You do that ... Ive felt like these lowbudget depth moves has set us up for a possible move up. With this draft having decent depth..... Again thats a big if.... If a impact guy is within reach.... You have to seriously look at that trade up
  7. Succinct and to the point.
  8. Imagine after the past week thinking Barr should be the legal authority on anything... **** minus whale ask Comey
  9. So his All Pro season where he led the NFL in sacks wasn’t a good season?
  10. You left out, Ryan is soft.
  11. Trade Julio. Vick destroyed the franchise. Beasley is a bust... there, got that out of the way...
  12. Why can't Jackie Chan speak fluent English when he's been speaking English longer than I have? 1/400
  13. Maybe. But the rightwingers on here were posting him ad nauseum as well. Something happened yesterday where everyone on the right suddenly went, “release the Abramson!” It’s weird.
  14. Imagine almost 50 years later trying to besmirch someone just to clear your own debauchery.
  15. You know what? I kind of want to see a transcript of Sanders’ testimony under oath now. Maybe Congress can release that when they get the material. I bet her testimony doesn’t match up to her current “slip of the tongue” explanations...because she’s a congenital liar.
  16. Sounds like this will be the first year where folks will be evenly happy and pissed at the same time, simultaneously.
  17. Mostly to mock him.
  18. You must not have been around for Ryan vs Dorsey
  19. Yeah, but I never heard of him before yesterday when suddenly all the rightwingers were posting his tweets. Wasn’t he at Breitbart or something? Why are people paying attention to him?
  20. Yep. I also wish that the cable news channels would replace all of their commentators and pundits with people like Preet Bharara (left and right). He’s one of the most level-headed and cautious commentators on cable news.
  21. A #Russiagate #Resistance grifter famous for lengthy tweet threads
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