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  2. A lot of bad decisions a lot of bad contracts.
  3. I don't believe him either. Sometimes I listen to him, and in the middle of what he's saying, i can just tell he's kind of pulling stuff out of his a$## just to have something to say.
  4. Posted my thoughts earlier in this thread. Hang tough brother, you can do this. Praying for Willie and your family.
  5. We had tougher situation in 2008 and 2015. Next year draft will be key. The rest will fall in place.
  6. So why are you still here? Pretty sure the patriots have a board. If you like being a bandwagoner go for it.
  7. Prayers for you brother. Take a break from everything and reach out for help. You are young and have lot to look ahead. Leave the past behind and have faith that life will be good in the future. Don’t hold back, grieve and get some counseling help.
  8. I hope y’all enjoy 1-15? From where I will be setting 16-0 will feel good for my Patriots then we will steamroll the AFC in the playoffs once again! ( for the 20th time) and then which NFC doormat will Rise up this year??To be our punching bag in the Superbowl It will not be the Brotherhood That I promise you!
  9. This is their get right game! Probably 5 sacks!
  10. Lol... I'm rooting for sanu but I will not jump ships I go down with em...
  11. Shoot I was trying to sound stupid and uninterested and I did too good of a job. I meant burger... but you got me there.
  12. Just as many expected, theres reports that Harbaugh's agent is contacting NFL teams.
  13. They do some, but who wants to hear from idiot callers? I don’t, most of the time they’re garbage calls.
  14. In lost at having enough with meat so you had chicken instead. Isn't chicken meat?
  15. This is what people are glossing over: If the salary cap is $200 million, the Falcons have $51 million, or just 25.5% of the cap, to spend on the 43 other roster spots. That’s just $1.19 million or 0.59% of the cap per player to invest.
  16. When me and malachore agree you know you have some dumb **** going on
  17. There is no way the Dolphins pass on Tua if he's there.
  18. Today I got Chipotle. I was going to get a burger and a part of me really wanted one but I decide I was going with the chipotle. I’ve had enough of the bread and meat and just decided it was time to roll with the rice and chicken with some fajita mix as well. Oh and cheese. I bet more people cared about my dinner choice than your post
  19. How about you kiss my red and black *** instead?
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