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  2. Thanks for ruining my lunch. It’s akin to Warren Buffett winning the Lottery
  3. It depends on how long Mack wants to keep playing. Then if he can keep playing at a high enough level. Falcons could easily extend Mack now, give him a nice signing bonus, and reduce his cap hit by 3.5 to 4.5 mill for next season. The cap savings we get if we lose Mack would be offset by whatever resources the Falcons would have to use to replace him. So unless Mack's play falls off a cliff, I can see him here for two more seasons no matter what his contract says. Especially with the new emphasis on fixing the O line.
  4. Lawrence? Heck, they got a committment from D.J. Uiagalelei who might be better than Lawrence AND Watson. They say his arm might be stronger than Lawrence and he can run with the same effectiveness of Lawrence and Watson. This brings up something else that bothers me. Clemson has been the program that Georgia SHOULD be and is trying to work toward. Clemson has THREE national titles since Georgia won it in 1980. TWO of those are a direct result of a quarterback they recruited from Georgia...
  5. I hope so. That would be nice.
  6. Truth...I just think Clemson will be like Bama last year. Dynamic on offense but too inexperienced on defense. 7 starters gone from that defense. Should be interesting
  7. If he finishes the next 2 seasons at the same elite level of play and then retires a Falcon, he’s a Ring of Honor candidate. I hope that’s the case, or even better we sign him beyond 2020 for an inexpensive deal. Remember that he turned down more money from Cleveland to sign with us in 2016.
  8. Would it have been better if he had molested a little boy in the men's room instead?
  9. Don’t you dare, 2012! V3
  10. I’d love to blast these idiots, but much of our fan base was just as bad when Berry & Patterson bailed for UT
  11. That offense is still returning almost everyone. And they have the best player development in the country. They are beatable for sure. But you will have to play a near perfect game to do it. Miami is a good year or two away
  12. Our propaganda videos would have made the 3rd Reich proud
  13. He will retire a Falcon. So when he chooses to retire or hasn't got anything left.
  14. I can't believe I sat still and watched this whole thing. I need to follow the suggestions because my issue is with:
  15. Thanks for manning up and just saying you were wrong. So much better than 15 pages of nonsense trying to justify a mistaken take.
  16. I see him retiring before his play reclines. I believe 2 more in a Falcons uniform.
  17. Hooper & Neal extensions, too. If Mack is elite two more years, does he have more value than Grady over that period? I say he does...but age must factor in
  18. New fallacy for me unlocked! just world fallacy
  19. Agreed! If we cut him after this season, it’s a savings of 8 million with a dead cap hit of 2.5 million. Our cap will certainly be a struggle with Julio/Grady/Deion extensions coming up either this or next offseason, but I don’t see Mack being a cap casualty. I’ve been wrong before though.
  20. Just don't see anything in that article to get that upset about. It's part of the job to answer questions after a game, they didn't do that, he called them out on it. I view this the same way I view endzone celebrations by opposing players- if you don't like it, keep them out of the end zone. If you don't like being called out for poor play and skipping the questions, play better and answer the questions. So, we just going to disagree, I read that article and went yeah, that's true, they played poorly and skipped the questions after the game. From the article: "...Many bolted..." that means they weren't available.
  21. But that is not a Dan Quinn. It has to be a Dan Quinn picture. Sorry I goggled Dan Quinn and this was one that was available and awkward so I used it.
  22. I’d have loved Culver or Hunter at 3rd pick so getting Hunter at 8 is a dream come true. I’d rather Little for high ceiling potential at 10. Then package all three 2nd round picks to move up to 24 and grab Thybulle. This would be a great defensive draft with high ceiling offensively if Little puts it all together
  23. They are beatable now with their entire DL playing in the NFL. Bama moved the ball at will between the 10’s but went full (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out) after that. Man SEC team will take the NC this year IMO. Hopefully Diaz gets UM back in the picture soon!!!
  24. They want roe v wade overturned
  25. Hunter is my second favorite after Zion!
  26. No apologies needed, brotha. You’re a very knowledgable poster.
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