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  2. I meant Jones, not Jacobs. Patriots are also looking at Grier. They’d have to move up a bit in RD 2 for him.
  3. Pretty interesting he uses 8th as a spot to move up too for his example. With the rumored negotiations with Detriot I wonder if that's the spot they're targeting for Oliver.
  4. yeah but you said "Grier" - not Jones.
  5. I think he will be just fine. I am wondering what is going to happen come draft time now. Jarrett hasn't signed his franchise tag and I am starting to think we are going to lose Jarrett and get 2 first round picks. I think the Compensation would be future first round picks? I don't know how it works.
  6. I don’t see it as babysitting. I see it as coaching. He’ll need to do it with everyone. Campbell said everyone is asking more questions now that Quinn is running the meetings. I think that’s a good thing.
  7. I can see us letting Ed Oliver come to us, take a RT or trade down and take OL/CB at this point
  8. Giants are likely taking Jones. Pats need to slide ahead of #17 to take him. #14 seems logical
  9. So why is Dimi just 46-50 with only two playoff berths in the last six seasons?
  10. I'm all about us getting one of the 3-4 blue chip defensive line players if we can for a reasonable trade up, but I would love to have someone call us for a QB and allow us to trade down in the 1st and prosper. Most would say for a CB, but if this happened and we got extra picks (even just an extra 2nd), I wouldn't be mad at grabbing and stashing Simmons and moving on from there in the 2nd.
  11. Yep. I'm not the biggest fan of Lawrence, but the prospect of Hageman actually having his act together and potentially making the roster and paired with a mammoth like Lawrence? Yes, all hypothetical but talk about size and physicality.
  12. I don't think this changes our plans one bit...if he works out, GREAT...if he doesn't, we would've wished we drafted DT first round
  13. Which is exactly the way it -should- be, for most the players on our roster not named Matt Ryan....Julio Jones....Deion Jones....etc. I think this year, more than ever, the best 53 will be on our roster to start the season.
  14. Yes and Yes,, One OL and one DL IMO.
  15. This just made my day. Not from a football standpoint but from a real life standpoint. I really do think people can accomplish anything with enough effort. I doesn’t hurt that I also think his hunger for redemption is goi g to benefit my favorite team. Good luck to you.
  16. Another low risk, high reward signing. We've done this at basically every position this off-season. I love it - you better believe we are going to have depth this season.
  17. Nope,, he's going to be part of this Playoff team.. And we need him.. All that is wrong is he needs to be used in the right place on this team.. Plus with this draft and all the talent we are bringing in will help make every player better,, especially him because we will address the DL big time and that will make everybody a lot better.. Same goes for the OL, when improved,,, that even makes our WRs better ,, Ryan better,, But mostly we will improve because of our New OC.. That is the key that will unlock the door to the SB this year...
  18. Notice the part where I said "How are SOME OF YOU this excited..." No where did I say everybody or 90% or even 50%. Clearly I wasn't directing the post at more than the SOME OF YOU who are overly excited. So why you on my sack?
  19. Dexter Lawrence at #14 is the last missing piece to fix our DL for good.
  20. I had dinner with him last night and he seemed fine.
  21. At the time you posted this, ignoring the "Yeah, Super Bowl "/ happy gif type comments, which are a standard joke in a signing thread, there were about 25 different posters who had commented. 15 of them were positive while talking about second chances & camp body, 2-3 of them were over the top excited, another 5 were negative. So, 90% of the people in the thread were either, cool, second chance/camp body, joking, or against the signing. Why are you focusing on the 10% when most people actually agree with you, albeit with a more positive spin?
  22. Good for him hope he pulls it together this time, we still need to draft Lawrence at #14 though
  23. 3 years, 44 games played, 16 starts, 905 snaps, 4 sacks, 12 qb hits, 9 tackles for loss, 61 tackles, 1 PD, 2 blocked kicks. A productive pass rusher with a whopping 4 sacks in 905 snaps? LOL, I swear, this place kills me sometimes.
  24. Being out two years doesn't make a player better, but talent and ability were never Hageman's was motivation. Now, Hageman has been out in the real world for a couple years. Dealt with the authorities. Dealt with the prospects of making a living without an NFL paycheck. If all that doesn't motivate Hageman, then yeah, he -is- a lost cause.
  25. yeah maybe. I can tell you most NFL teams don't want to pay a guy $13mm for averaging about 4 sack/yr save the one great year. Plus, Vic just hasn't proved to be much of a playmaker outside of the sacks and not much of a run defender either.
  26. Jess Simpson must've had a **** of a season with the Canes. We're depending on him to coach Vic and Hageman. Something Cox couldn't do.
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