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  2. Hey I hear that. I am a veteran myself, so it's something I value a lot. However, it's fairly small compared to other policy issues in the overall picture. All veterans are not created equal. There are many officers in the military who don't understand the value of life beyond numbers on a report and willfully make things insanely political, creating situations where life saving resources are not readily available just so they can put a bullet on their award submission about some inane "improvement" they made. It can be a great characteristic but it's best taken on a case by case basis with how the person actually embodies it.
  3. This. Irvin was helping him a little last year. People said it was Quinn but I said Irvin. I guess I was still wrong.
  4. Omar For the Win (FTW)
  5. What a colossal disappointment he turned out to be.
  6. We know, but a lot of people (Beasley homers specifically) didn’t get this for a long time. I shouldn’t have told you tho. I was just noting this out there for everyone to see.
  7. Is that the same as being a herd of right wing zombies? Do zombies move in herds or are they more of a group or any other word I’m not thinking about. Help me out @WhenFalconsWin
  8. Freeney’s influence helped too. Can’t believe he’s been in the league five years and hasn’t looked to really bother adding to his skill set
  9. If you're going to go with the "foreign agent" angle then India would be believable with her. Retreading Russiagate is lazy, sore loser ****.
  10. He’s worth a 5th or 6th based on potential and system. We used him right in 2016 and haven’t since.
  11. Yea, it’s so bad. The most average players in the league are completely burning him
  12. I did. Until her anti 2nd amendment stuff ramped up.
  13. Because it might be true.
  14. I will give up the following g for Mr Beasley: 1 paper clip 1 old Tootsie POP wrapper and 43 cents. I need someone to beat my rugs, but on the other hand Beasley never beat anybody so no deal!
  15. Make it happen
  16. I know. I just don’t prefer for it to go down that way.
  17. Well they don't come as a package. I fully expect Quinn to be gone but TD to stay. Would be shocked if TD were fired as well. I just hope we really vet the best coaching hire.
  18. About d@MN time. Figures it would be 2 seasons too late though....
  19. Why? He has no value to this team and will be gone in.2020 regardless.
  20. How is it that 99% of the board could see that Beasley should have been shipped last season but this staff couldnt? Pretty sad that us amateurs knew better. What realistically could we get for him? I doubt the 3rd we were offered last year. 5th seems more realistic.
  21. Personally I prefer someone who's been in the military to be commander in chief. If you are going to order people into harm's way you should know what its like to be in those situations.
  22. I thought you liked Warren? The way things are going she has a better chance than Tulsi or Sanders. I still have reservations about her not being straightforward about potentially unpopular issues/positions.
  23. Watson being a wannabe smear merchant aside... Why? Because she talked **** to Hillary after Hillary claimed she was a foreign agent?
  24. OAK hasn’t recovered from tanking. I don’t want any tankers left in the building.
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