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  2. Coaches would be lined around the block to get their hands on this offense. Not to mention Atlanta is pretty much a top ten city across the board except schooling.
  3. I would be all for it if that was the biggest issue
  4. I should have used the word "skewed"... Ryan's stats are skewed. All he does is pass since they cannot run the ball much and we are always playing from behind. That's where all these yards are coming from!
  5. Oh you haven’t heard? Paul Johnson is coming out of retirement to be our HC next year. Matt better be ready to run cuz if he’s not then he’s gonna get the boot.
  6. Padded stats are when you get yards and stats when there's no chance of catching up. They keep catching up. It's actually much easier to have good stats with a run game. The opposing defense doesn't get to tee off on you and stay in coverage. With a run game, the safeties bite in and you get a lot more free running receivers.
  7. I'm a huge Ryan fan and think all the **** people give him is ridiculous. With that said, id do this deal. Tua is going to be great and we would have tons of cash to build up the team around him if we made this kind of deal
  8. What did he mean when he called them that? Answer or get off of your potty.
  9. We are playing from behind forcing him to pass. We have zero run game. Ryan's stats are padded.
  10. How are the stats padded? Each game has had him bring the team back within one score before the defense falls down and lets the game get away. He isn't a rookie. He wouldn't have to learn a new system. NFL offenses aren't that different.
  11. Ryan is doing great? I mean sure, if you call padded stats "great" with the team doing terrible then sure. Regardless, we are losing and Dirk will be fired too. The whole house will be cleaned out. Ryan will need to learn a new system since Quinn and Co will all be fired.
  12. If that was all it took I'd do it yesterday. It's going to take Pache/Waters along with Anderson and another SP.
  13. Whatever, if they trade anyone it should be a WR, we have plenty of good WRs.
  14. Why would Ryan have to learn a new system? He's doing great in whatever system this is. Are they going to ask him to run the triple option? Also I can count on no fingers all the QBs from Alabama not named Joe Namath who were good in the NFL.
  15. I'd be down. Anyone outside of Grady, Deion Jones, and JJ could be traded for all I care. Ship Ryan for picks. Draft Tua and Chase Young and build defense with Ryans Salary. We would have more of a chance to win a SB with that scenario than our current scenario of Ryan having to go thru yet another coaching change.
  16. Ryan wont be one of those, he has a little girl's arm strength.
  17. Hed be perfect for us, we have a good offense for another 3 years but a defense that makes you hate life. Rex Ryan is the perfect fix for our horrendous choice in coaches.
  18. Could the Falcons Trade Matt Ryan & Draft Tua in 2020? by Connor Hooper2 days ago The Falcons are currently tied for the 3rd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Atlanta should trade their star QB for additional picks in the draft next year. If the season ended today, the 1-5 Falcons would be drafting in the first thirty minutes of the draft. It’s also very evident that the Dan Quinn era may be coming to an end in the next two weeks. That being said, if the Falcons are already out of the playoffs, why not go ahead and make moves that will benefit the team in the long run? This isn’t as crazy as it may sound. New Coach, New QB, New Era Matt Ryan has went through so many offensive coordinators in his career, that he has arguably not been able to fully mature into the quarterback everyone imagined. If Dan Quinn is fired, Ryan will once again have to learn a new system. That would not be good news for Falcons fans. With the Boston College alumni being under contract through 2021, Atlanta should look to trade the QB that led them for the past decade and start fresh with a new QB and new coach. All this being said, how could the Falcons trade Ryan and get the #1 overall draft pick? For this scenario to work out, the Falcons would need to finish the season with a 2020 draft pick in the top 10. They would also have to trade Ryan to a team that would have a 2020 top 10 pick. The question would then become, would the Dolphins or Bengals trade the #1 overall pick for two top ten picks? If so, Tua Tagovailoa will be in an Atlanta Falcons jersey next year. Arthur Blank Should Consider Trading Ryan for Draft Picks The Falcons traded five draft picks to get Julio Jones in 2011. It’s safe to say that trade worked out well (Jones is arguably the top receiver in the league). Imagine the draft picks that a team would trade to have an established QB that has a MVP to his name and tons of playoff experience. Matt Ryan would easily bring a 1st, 3rd, & 4th round pick. Potential teams to trade with: Dolphins, Bengals, Colts, Titans, Redskins, & Buccaneers The Super Bowl Window is Quickly Closing for Atlanta With Julio Jones aging, the Falcons offense doesn’t have much longer to get a Super Bowl. The defense is still young, but the past two seasons should have fans alarmed. The only option left is to go ahead and start a quick rebuild. The offense would still have Alex Mack, Julio, Freeman or Ito, and Calvin Ridley. The defense would have Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen, & Damontae Kazee to build around. Drafting Tua Tagovailoa isn’t an unrealistic idea. He very well could come into the NFL and be ready as quick as Patrick Mahomes. The Falcons have tough decisions to make in the next two weeks. The team should realize the Matt Ryan era is over. He has reached his ceiling and they should trade him why they still can get value picks. Could the Falcons shock the NFL and trade Ryan? It’s doubtful. But, if they did, 2020 will be Tua Time in ATL. Three Alabama Crimson Tide stars leading the offense? Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
  19. I am kind of digging the poster that said let's go after Chase Young out of Ohio State, that seems the pick for Falcons.
  20. Ender isn't getting it done. Think like Pache and probably 2 SP prospects. You'll have to outbid other teams.
  21. we should trade players away if anthing
  22. The Ryan Twins are pyrite. Aim higher.
  23. 37 but qb's play until 40 regularly now
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