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  2. TD will earn his keep the next 12 months. He has to address 5 major contracts - 2 fringe 20 million a year contracts - 1 contract in the 15-18 million a year avg - 1 contract in the 10 million a year average - 1 contract in the 8 million a year average I suspect we don’t keep one of these guys
  3. This forum is like the news to me. Things will get posted here by someone as soon as they happen. If I waited for it to appear on or even I would have much less of an idea as to what is happening.
  4. I have zero clue about how the salary cap works. Though I believe if the Falcons really wanted McCoy, they'd find a way to get him. Or at least try really hard.
  5. Our D wasn't great lat year but I remember watching games where we would get to 3rd and long and just needed one more play. In the games against the Saints, Bengals and Cowboys we lost by one score. If we had Jones out there and he made one big play in each of those games, our D would have looked much better (and we would have won 3 more games). He will make a huge difference this year.
  6. Has anyone considered the salary cap consequences and all the current roster players we would t have money to resign over the next couple of years if we did find a way to sign him ?
  7. Others are killing more and while their country is increasing its support we as a nation one state at a time are rejecting it
  8. How can that be possible if you say we’re killing millions of babies and covering up infanticide? You’re one sick puppy.
  9. And the pursuit of happiness
  10. At people posting Jarrett, Julio etc deals would prevent us from taking a 2 year flier contract in our SB window on McCoy; with a favorable year 1 cap hit: Those deals would help our 2019 cap space most likely and we’ve got Ryan Schraeder’s hit coming off the books in 2 weeks lol Davison, Senat, Hageman, Jarret, McCoy at DT in 53man; alternate which one is inactive weekly between Hageman or Senat; even if Hageman makes roster over Crawford? Cominsky is a year 1 stash and could redshirt all year on gameday inactive list; can be listed at DE to make people feel better Carry 5 DTs...cut the 6th if it’s Hageman? We got training camp to determine who #5 is and who the #6 cut is... Note- Only Takk, Senat and Cominsky are currently on contract next year our on the entire DL AC, VB and Means are on 1 year deals at DE Davison, Hageman, Crawford, and GJ on 1 year deals as of this post, McCoy for 1 or 2 year SB run pass rush Depth is worth it especially with our DEs needing help finishing. McCoy instantly would be the BEST guy to duo with GJ in 2019 Crawford or Hageman the 3rd rusher; whoever makes 53 man and Senat/Davison your 1T run stoppers 10 total DL on 53man- DE- AC/VB/Takk/Means/Cominsky(inactive) DT- GJ/GM/TD/Senat/Hageman or Crawford as #5
  11. Yup
  12. On 247, people were dogging Lloyd for not being fast enough, but those same they're saying jokers made the lamest excuses when Milton ran a 4.7. I like Milton, and I like how he glides, but I don't see the shear explosiveness and physical dominance that's some people seem to be imagining.
  13. Dont get those hopes up.
  14. Gonna be funny when they are .500 or worse this year. Tired of hearing about them
  15. Greatest at what?
  16. Because Quinn doesn't want one.
  17. Even the Pats believed in chances with those odds!
  18. America is the greatest country on Earth and getting greater.
  19. So we can get him if he takes a million. He is still better than Bosher Name Team Long Field Avg Short Field Avg Shance Lechler Texans 52.22 76.59% Marquette King Raiders 50.56 77.82% Britton Colquitt Browns 50.40 77.55% Thomas Morstead Saints 49.74 77.90% Lac Edwards Jets 49.67 77.08% Johnny Hekker Rams 50.88 74.93% Andy Lee Cardinals 50.05 75.38% Chris Jones Cowboys 48.36 77.74% Riley Dixon Broncos 45.04 83.01% Rigoberto Sanchez Colts 47.54 76.92% Drew Kaser Chargers 52.66 69.27% Kevin Huber Bengals 48.38 74.95% Jeff Locke Lions 47.33 76.59% Pat O’Donnell Bears 49.71 72.59% Michael Palardy Panthers 49.10 73.43% Sam Koch Ravens 47.91 74.53% Tress Way Redskins 48.45 73.42% Brett Kern Titans 50.98 69.65% Bryan Anger Buccaneers 48.67 72.15% Colton Schmidt Bills 46.65 75.07% Donnie Jones Eagles 46.38 75.23% Jon Ryan Seahawks 46.71 74.71% Bradley Pinion 49ers 46.61 74.74% Ryan Allen Patriots 47.30 73.07% Jordan Berry Steelers 47.13 72.90% Matt Haack Dolphins 46.78 72.92% Dustin Colquitt Chiefs 50.65 67.08% Matt Bosher Falcons 46.88 72.16% Ryan Quigley Vikings 45.45 74.06% Justin Vogel Packers 45.73 71.53% Brad Nortman Jaguars 46.06 70.22% Brad Wing Giants 44.95 69.74%
  20. Forever known as the guy drafted by the Jags over Russell Wilson
  21. They ( the browns) are the trendy pick. They have a lot of talent but they are still the browns until they prove it over a couple of seasons
  22. Calvin still had like 4,600 yards his first 4 years. Even in 2011 he’d still be top 3
  23. BRYAN ANGERP, UNSIGNED FREE AGENT Bucs released P Bryan Anger. Anger was due $3 million after finishing as PFF's No. 22-graded punter last season. Anger placed only 16 of his 57 punts inside the opposing 20-yard line, which ranked 30th in the league. RELATED: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mar 12, 2019, 5:31 PM ET
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