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  3. We did this the last time, the last three timeS actually. Today’s NFL is built around the offense. People want to use NE as the example to prove that wrong, but no one is able to replicate what BB has been able to do for more than a year or two.
  4. Bring in the right GM, and then he will fire DQ. Blank doesn't have to. He can leave it up to him to find the right HC. NFL trade deadline is Oct. 29. Maybe we fire TD now. Keep DQ for the rest of the season while the new GM evaluates the personnel.
  5. If that happens it Would make us getting a 2nd for Sanu look that much more impressive
  6. I like him as well. But Id like an offensive HC this time around. But I guess you take the best man for the job regardless of which side of the ball he is going on
  7. As much of a joke as I know you meant it, so many have failed trying to do just this and failed, which is why I stated it. So, to you, well played. To everyone else, let it go, move on.
  8. Was going to mention this, but maybe look 2021 2nd and trade another pick just for the rental. Less picks for the aints the better right?
  9. Kubiak doesn’t want to be a head coach. He had a heart attack while being one.
  10. I agree but TD has done it with multiple coaches.
  11. I will never stop trying to replicate BB. I have samples of his fingernails in a lab in my evil lair. I will clone him and rule the world.
  12. Ha. It really wasn't THAT long ago that he tripped over his own guy backwards into the endzone for a safety. Divisional game. Sending us on to the NFC Championship. Then the Super Bowl. Man. HOW was that less than 3 years ago?
  13. They did take plays off. Julio plays around 78% of snaps which isn’t out of line with other great WR’s
  14. Cherish those memories. You fall back to those and no one can take it away from you..
  15. Personally, I'm not married to the idea that we have to continue to chase the nirvana that was Kyle Shanahan's mythical offense. There are plenty of other schemes out there we could build a potent offense around, so I'm not too keen right now on that piece of it so much as I am finding the right man for the job. I love Robert Saleh... and I liked him and thought he was a good coach before he put the #2 defense in the NFL on the field. Listening to Kyle talk about his demeanor and how he is with players just reinforces that. I'm still wondering if this isn't a bit early for him to be elevated to the top job yet. There are a couple of other guys I'd settle for... even a couple I might be intrigued about, but I like everything Saleh is about.
  16. I forgot....That was a smart move, too
  17. Absolutely crazy - best receiver in the NFL signed for several years - no way you trade that for the maybe of draft picks
  18. Just a year ago the Vikings OL was a joke. Zimmer made the right decision on promoting Stefanski as the OC and drafting Bradbury.
  19. Same **** different day on Julio in TATF world.
  20. Stop trying to replicate BB, he is the exception, not the norm. Same as Brady. Today’s NFL is won with the OC Up and comer as the new HC and a proven DC. If you go the other way you’d OC is promoted to another team as HC and you end up like the Falcons did after 2016.
  21. Aints traded their 2nd round pick to move up for McCoy.
  22. Much love to Mark Richt and his family.
  23. Well said.
  24. For a Herschel Walker Deal? Yes Immediately
  25. I sure hope this doesn’t end up happening. Thomas, Green, Ginn & Kamara would be lethall. How do green & Sanu have the same trade value? Very odd New Orleans Saints Seen As Frontrunner To Land A.J. Green At Trade Deadline ANDY LYONS / GETTY IMAGES FOOTBALL Read more: “Considering the recent injury history, I think [Cincinnati] can fetch a second-round pick for him,” the source said. Read more:
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