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  2. Trade Julio. Vick destroyed the franchise. Beasley is a bust... there, got that out of the way...
  3. Why can't Jackie Chan speak fluent English when he's been speaking English longer than I have? 1/400
  4. Maybe. But the rightwingers on here were posting him ad nauseum as well. Something happened yesterday where everyone on the right suddenly went, “release the Abramson!” It’s weird.
  5. Imagine almost 50 years later trying to besmirch someone just to clear your own debauchery.
  6. You know what? I kind of want to see a transcript of Sanders’ testimony under oath now. Maybe Congress can release that when they get the material. I bet her testimony doesn’t match up to her current “slip of the tongue” explanations...because she’s a congenital liar.
  7. Sounds like this will be the first year where folks will be evenly happy and pissed at the same time, simultaneously.
  8. Mostly to mock him.
  9. You must not have been around for Ryan vs Dorsey
  10. Yeah, but I never heard of him before yesterday when suddenly all the rightwingers were posting his tweets. Wasn’t he at Breitbart or something? Why are people paying attention to him?
  11. Yep. I also wish that the cable news channels would replace all of their commentators and pundits with people like Preet Bharara (left and right). He’s one of the most level-headed and cautious commentators on cable news.
  12. A #Russiagate #Resistance grifter famous for lengthy tweet threads
  13. So who da fuq is this Seth Abramson guy that I keep seeing people quoting?
  14. I think it’s important to remember that Glenn Greenwald spent an inordinate amount of time denying that Russia was the source for Wikileaks or that Russians were behind the hacks. Now people are quoting him as some prophet who was right all along. The Mueller report shows that the major news outlets got the story right a helluva lot more than did Greenwald.
  15. Boat shoes, possibly white BBQ sauce.
  16. Sean Hannity is still on the air, yucking it up with Sarah Sanders and telling more lies.
  17. I mean, that’s fine and everything. But they also need to introduce each of these lying a**holes with a barrage of clips documenting their lies. Then they should ask a simple question, “given how many falsehoods and lies you have told, why should the American public believe anything you say at this point?”
  18. You hit the fake/scm and the people's perception squarely on the head. I've taught you well young Padawan.
  19. Listening to Angus King undermining the idea of an impeachment hearing. I don’t think Dems have to move to formal impeachment proceedings, but they have got to do something legislatively. How can Dems accuse Trump of massive obstruction of justice and other wrongdoing, but not take some kind of congressional action? Any time they bring up the facts about Trump’s wrongdoing, the response is going to be “it wasn’t bad enough for you to do anything”. It’s going to undermine the seriousness of Trump’s wrongdoing. And telling people, “well we can’t do it because the GOP isn’t on board and because there’s an election coming up” isn’t going to fly. It’s not going to cause people to tune out of the facts and actually reinforces Trump’s “exonerated” message...”even the Democrats admit he didn’t do anything...they didn’t even try to impeach him.” What they’re missing is that the entire point of an impeachment proceeding is to present facts of wrongdoing against the president. To inform the public, in other words, and present the case against the president. You don’t wait until the public is behind impeachment to start the proceeding because the public will NEVER be behind impeachment before the facts have been laid out. There could be an immediate censure vote based on the information laid out by Mueller. It unquestionably includes a ton of wrongdoing by Trump. And congressional hearings and help lay out the facts more completely, including forcing some of these administration officials and others involved to testify. But the notion that Dems will just punt on impeachment and use this as a political football? That’s exactly how the public is going to view it and it’s going to undermine the seriousness of the wrongdoing and undermine the Dems message...again, “even the Democrats didn’t think what he did was bad enough to impeach him.”
  20. Did Fox News ever fire anybody or apologize?
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