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  2. I can see it happening but not like this. What's the point in keeping Dan Quinn if you aren't going to keep his scheme? What is the point of having a defensive head coach that doesn't even run his defense? Only reason I see it happening is because this may not be that desirable of a job considering the salary cap and players locked in long term. Guys like Deion Jones that aren't a universal fit for other defenses.
  3. Mike Smith had 7 seasons, but more success spread-out over his first 5 seasons.
  4. To me, the true brotherhood is the fans!
  5. Quinn will be fired this season. Not a question of if but when.
  6. I heard Josh Harris is a huge issue. /purp
  7. Yeah I have been aware for a long time that every organized team whether it be sports or other competitive endeavors use that term almost ad nauseam. I just figured it was really pushed on the team by Quinn as motivational thing. It just seems to me it has pretty much just paid lip service by most of the team.
  8. Riddle me this... what in the **** is the point of keeping Dan Quinn in this scenario? What does he do well? He sucks at everything. Can’t run a defense. His scheme is awful. Cant manage the game. cant teach players to pass rush apparently. makes awful personnel decisions such as moving the NFL sack leader to LB. what the heIl does he do right? i don’t get it. He can stick that positivity and catch phrases up his a$$. People are acting like what Julio said matters. What else could he say in this situation ?
  9. Not a problem. It's a great concept. The problem is bad coaching and terrible General Managing.
  10. Because it gets old dude. Every thread is a new way for each poster to moan about whatever player(s) they don't like.
  11. Both of them have to go. We need to shed all the management associated with 28-3. Its time for a purge.
  12. You said it BEST.... “Crazy thought”
  13. It was a real thing in 2016. I think it started with the Seal training as I think it was the first time they did it. After 2016? It was a marketing thing for selling merchandise and tickets. 2016 was special for so many reasons. It was foolish to think they could recapture that magic
  14. Do they take calls any more?
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  16. Im pretty sure with Beasley being a FA after this season, he does not count against the cap next year
  17. If the report on 92.9 is true then yes. But hey, I have no soul!! I sold it!
  18. Football player no more athletes.
  19. Brotherhood is a term strongly used for the NFL and NBA as a whole (individual sport that is). For whatever reason people here act like it was the first time they ever heard it after Quinn arrived, which it probably was. I’m guessing because he pushed it far more than any other coach in the history of sports.
  20. Robert Mathis was like 240 a good portion of his career. Size ain’t the reason, it’s because they’re predictable. All they try to do every snap is run around the tackle or try to run through the tackle. Once the tackle engages they’re done because they don’t use their hands at all. They never set up an outside rush and jump back inside, nothing of the like. It makes zero sense. Takk and Vic have put zero effort into becoming better pass rushers
  21. Well you can thank our **** for brains OC for that.5-7 step drop king no designed pocket movement to protect Ryan just straight drop backs. Game wreckers maybe but as above no running game also easy target.Its been this way all season with this offense.Bland playcalling.Said it in another thread DK much like alot of these coaches will be history.
  22. If Quinn stays that mean DK stays....
  23. That seems to be the million dollar question. I'm about tired of the rise up slogan too.
  24. Calling Klobuchar's campaign platform garbage is an insult to garbage.
  25. That's precisely what anyone with a brain was thinking about you.
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