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  2. That's two funny comments in the past 24 hours. So proud of you right now.
  3. No, that was October of 2004. 56-10. This was just a preseason game.
  4. That wasn't the game KC tore us a new one, was it?
  5. In addition to this you need to read the tea leaves. The signs are everywhere. If you want legalization or medicare for all, Joe Biden is not your guy.
  6. Don't give this newest #Resistance grifter any money to pay back his criminal defense lawyers, but nonetheless, * *credit to my friend @achilles return
  7. The DNC did not adopt marriage equality until 2012..... 4 years into Obama's first term. I do have to ask...what about Biden makes you that he would not change? He has a pretty long track record of being for something and then against it.......and vice versa....infact that is something that has been used against him. Now all of a sudden he is some monolithic being that says something and never stray's from it??? Yeah....sure
  8. Great Talent... F'ing no hustle or sense of Urgency... Why he failed his physical with TEN.... Love the guy, but dang man... SUCK IT UP if you want to be in the NFL. If not just retire already.
  9. I think maybe he’s saying Biden supports it in his heart? This doesn’t seem like a great ticket for younger voter turnout. If you want stuff like legalization, student loan forgiveness or M4A they’re straight up telling you to **** off. I guess they’re gonna try to rock the vote with some Obama speeches on YouTube and celebrity endorsements.
  10. Yes, I wish we could have held onto him for a little while longer.
  11. Rio is hitting a bit this year too. He has a .885 OPS and 4 HR.
  12. You don't have a point. If you did, Biden would already be supporting legalization, as would the democratic party.
  13. Obama came out in support of it ( phrasing) in 2012....which again is after 2010 and 2011. You keep proving my point. He publicly was against something that he changed his stance on or " evolved' as he put it after the public support had shifted sooooooo. *In narration voice* He in fact was not very wrong.....but he was in fact very right.
  14. Gay marriage didn't threaten financial interests. Well, not in any meaningful way that I can think of, at least. Both marijuana legalization and medicare for all do threaten all sorts of financial interests. Call me whatever you want, but it's naive to play this "well maybe" game with people like Joe Biden, especially on this issue.
  15. And? His public stance was opposition towards it Then he " evolved" notice how often I used the "'??? I think he personally did not care one way or the other but he....being a politician wavered with the political winds. If you think Biden is above that....then you are very misguided.
  16. "Obama’s evolution has roughly tracked public opinion. National opposition to same-sex marriage began a sharp decline after President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, into law in 1996. A majority of the public began to favor same-sex marriage sometime between 2010 and 2011, according to analysis by FiveThirtyEight. "
  17. I never want to wish harm on another.......but if he was found shirtless face down in a bowl of chili.......I would not shed a tear
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/feb/10/obama-frustrated-same-sex-marriage-david-axelrod-book
  19. He was against it while public opinion was swinging towards it. By the time he came around to the idea in roughly 2012 6 or 7 states had approved of same sex marriage and there was considerable support for it in other states....then he "evolved " on it to match public opinion. So Yeah...thank you for proving my point.
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