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  2. I know bro.
  3. We also had walk on undrafted rookie FA Brian Poole come out of nowhere in 2016 and play great, along with Collins once Trufant went down. We didn’t miss a beat. If it is one thing this scouting department seems to know well it’s defensive backs.
  4. It was classic 90z creativity.
  5. This dude is just a hammer. He doesn't wow you with tangibles....he just has an indomitable will. He bangs away all game. It was evident last year. He had 7 sacks and if we had any push inside from other than Grady he would have been able to close more. 10 sacks is not only possible I believe its inevitable. He wants it and he WILL get it. Looking forward to the year. Clayborn is back to keep him and Vic fresh so with DQ callin shots....I think he has a great year.
  6. Lol!!! Waymint
  7. Sound like you need to tell some lies.. Lol..
  8. That still doesn't mean he's not being used in close games... Because he's a SP by trade he's not going to be used as often and they've made it clear. Basically yea, good Newk and Touki on the pen is a band aid.
  9. Thats my thinking too....I think we keep Hoop and let Campbell walk
  10. I don’t think we keep Campbell, I think we find his replacement. I would love to keep Hooper bc I think our offense could be the same as when we had Roddy, Julio, and Tony aka Julio, Calvin, Hooper. Thoughts???
  11. Can't keep everyone.
  12. “You had me at hello”
  13. Which cause us to use guys like Dan Winkler in high leverage situations.
  14. I need to keep that in mind. Appreciate ya
  15. Good on you, man.. it’s all about the memories
  16. No doubt....I got yall
  17. But called strike 3... to us
  18. Its all good...facts is facts...dont matter who they come from....took the kids to Myrtle Beach for over a week....they enjoyed themselves but the ocean was infested with jellyfish... So I decided to surprise them with another vacation to Panama City...leaving next week... The **** we do for our kids
  19. The scrub is usually a good player. Same happens at all positions as well as relation to another position.
  20. How was he before Grady again?
  21. Probably because it is a ball off the plate....
  22. Touki's being used as a multi inning guy and likely won't be available to be used back to back days much for now since he's a SP by trade. But multi innings is valuable, as we saw with him holding the Giants until the Braves could win.
  23. What’s up ROH! Yeah I was responding to you in that thread and hit send but it was too late lol. I guess I’m to blame for that thread closing but darn it man you know what I’m saying. Folks today are making things worse and it’s not the folks that have fingers pointed at them lol. P’cola was lit this weekend. So much fun. HOT as **** though. Felt like the middle of July out there. Love PC beach too man. Have a blast and in some small moment when you’re in the middle of it think of me and your boys! We need a Braves comeback man!
  24. Not saying put him in the rotation, just stop with the long relief.
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