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  2. think we'd all rather have Lindsay over Ito right now thats for sure
  3. At least 22 military veterans committed suicide at VA centers in the U.S. in the last 18 months, including a Texas man who shot himself this month in the waiting room of a VA clinic.
  4. Round 1 (Pick 14): Bryon Murphy CB (Washington) Round 2: (Pick 14) Jaylon Ferguson DE (LA Tech) Round 3: (Pick 1) Khaylen Saunders DT (Western Illinois) TRADE 3RD AND 4TH ROUINDER (COMPENSATORY) Round 4: (Pick 14) Ross Pierschbacher C/G (Alabama) Round 4: (Pick between 27 and 32) Mecole Hardman WR (UGA) TRADE 5TH AND 6TH ROUNDER Round 5: (Compensatory) Jordan Scarlett RB (Florida) Round 7 (Pick 14): Jalen Young S (Florida Atlantic)
  5. Offense was ranked 10th last year and had 60% redzone and that was without our probowl RB , 6 different OGs and a RT who disappointed. We've fixed guard and have a RT that can start. The defense is what is needed now. Get a RT in the second or third round. Anyone counting Hageman as making the team is only fooling themselves. Also, We still need a LDE because we know 44 isn't worth crap, and a DT or stud LB would also help this D.
  6. Interesting tidbit I found today. Lindsay says Falcons told him they wanted him but weren’t going to draft a running back. When the Ito smith pick was announced, Lindsay was “pissed”. Start listening around the 2:30 mark if you wanna skip to it.
  7. Hageman could potentially end up the starter on run downs.
  8. Not exactly, Hageman was one of the top players in the 2016 playoffs for the Falcons. When he was given the chance of course.
  9. I mean cause both are needs really. Why. It address them both. I really hope Hageman turns out to be more than a camp body or draft leverage...
  10. I have two tickets if anyone needs them, can’t make it due to a little movie called Endgame that I’m checking out before the draft.
  11. Never gets old. I like how it was posted on a Carolina page...but we embrace it more. Embrace the suk
  12. We can. Dillard/Risner/ Taylor in first, Trayvon Mullen in 2nd, Saunders in third works for me Much prefer a trade down if we go that route
  13. My bad. Usually don't quote tomes. But yeah I'll talk punters. Special teams wins championships.
  14. need a dub today lets go
  15. I’m not sure why this is, but I would be more dissapointed that Roddy did something scandalous than I would am with JAM.
  16. Yea but they have a lot of draft picks.
  17. Bryce Love not fast? Check this out: "A track phenom from an early age, Love posted a remarkable 2009 Track & Field season which culminated at the 2009 USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships. Love set national record-breaking times of 11.64 in the 100m, 23.37 in the 200m and 50.75 in the 400m dash. Two years later, Love set new records in the 13–14 yrs group at a meet in Hoschton, Georgia. He ran 10.73 in the 100 and 21.83 in the 200 on consecutive days." No he did not run a 4.2 40 but make no mistake dude is a burner. He's fast. I'm not saying we should draft him but if he's sitting there in the late rounds why not?
  18. Queue the Dan Q frownstare pic
  19. If he is, it will mean we really suck defensively.
  20. I love Roddy. My heart initially sunk. Phew
  21. Change your name to scabenger hunter my man. This is YOUR moment. #Shine
  22. Yeah because they're his scouts. These aren't mayocks scouts
  23. Son of a....that will get you ARRESTED these days?? That's effed up.
  24. Nice Highlight reel for Matt Ryan. Making Julio turn WR to Safety all in one play
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