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  2. You just feel so attached to that word. It's all you know.
  3. You want to be one without actually having to be one. So you imagine me calling you names.
  4. Why just the other day I saw Jamie Foxx say "honkey" on network tv and they didn't even feel pressure censor it I tell you it really made me feel like a second class citizen and you can't just drive past that kind of emotional scar
  5. And I thought the bullsh*t you were running in here was just a "social experiment".
  6. You feel really attached to that word victim.
  7. It's so brave that he doesn't want us to call him a victim
  8. I thought gender was construct and isnt real?
  9. Oh, The trials and prejudices faced by straight white Christian males who's party runs the government. The struggle is real.
  10. So you are a victim, just, like, a real one, right? And you're toughing it out despite that? Your willingness to carry our sins inspires us all.
  11. Nah me and and every other conservative on this board has been called all sorts of "phobes" on this board. Victim is an overly dramatic description my man. We just deal with it because you leftist can't exist without labels and fears. Its your entire platform.
  12. One concern I have after hearing that interview was when MM said that they were slimming down the information and simplifying some things in the hope to understand and play faster. is that New stuff from Koetter he is talking about? Or maybe Shannahans system? Because I certainly can’t remember any of us complaining about Sarkisians offense being “too complex and not simple enough” if anything we all were screaming the opposite. that’s a bit worrying for me.
  13. Already been done. Did you see the way the refs f*** the Falcons in the Buffalo game with that Ryan so-called fumble?
  14. It's all good until someone important is lost all season for nothing.
  15. Wouldn't God be mad at them for working every Sunday?
  16. Good. Roll it over to next year cause we have little left for 2020. That would give us around 13 mill
  17. Most people forget how bad he struggled his rookie year under Dirk’s scheme, I’m excited to see how they utilize him and how our scheme looks this round vs Dirk’s last time here.
  18. Ok, but so just to be clear, you're the real victim here, you're the beaten and scourged one that actually suffers for our sins, right? Because you imagined me calling you a homophobe just now?
  19. **** pimp....
  20. Ledbetter honesty sounds like an idiot on every video that gets posted on here, but in this one especially. He doesn’t even phrase his questions correctly. Such a shmuck On another note, has anyone heard someone ask Devonta about his relationship with Tevin and what it feels like to not have him here anymore? I would be curious to hear him talk about their relationship and if they are still close or not.
  21. It's why I said pick one. The left has an anti- _____, _______phobia, for you to be a victim. Even if you arent really you get to be.
  22. Anyone who knows me on here knows I love me some Julio. My contention is value vs no value regarding OTA’s. People are saying the value for vets is minimal to non-existent. if true, why would any team have these, especially considering the injury risk. If they accomplish little, why does Belichick,, Carroll, Peyton, Johnson & Walsh all have them.? They are not mandated by the league. If you can answer that question, I’ll drop it. And the Shanny/Julio thread was on defense of the board murdering another poster. So I made a point with that thread. If you read the entire thread you’d have seen the purpose and my opinion on the subject.
  23. Devine Ozigbo is going to push Dwayne Washington for the #3 Saints RB
  24. I don't think I've even met an irl liberal as precious about labels as you. Benefit of growing up in Georgia, I guess, but still, you even had to throw in homophobia just to have another ******* label you can imagine being hurled at you. It's goofy as all ****.
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