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  2. And after drafting so many pitchers over the past 4 or so years. To have so many just not be able to step up, is horrid.
  3. We need Rand Paul's neighbor now more than ever.
  4. I'm not going to lie man, this is complete honesty and maybe it's because I'm a pessimist but those things are exactly what I thought would happen. Obviously not the bone spurs but I didn't think he would be good and thought last year was an anomaly.
  5. Atlanta United is currently my only "jersey" and obviously there aren't any retired legends for this particular franchise yet (tho my guy did get his first goal in 2 years with the team last night ) I have pretty rotten jersey luck. I had all kinds of Vick jerseys once upon a time, then D Hall. My dad got himself a Vic in 2016 cause he asked me about our defensive players and I said "well this guy leads the league in sacks, so I guess he might be around a while". Now I'm more into polos.
  6. Here's a video summary similar to the article's thoughts.
  7. I think it was fair to say that Folty would've been at least league average and not...what happened with the bone spurs scaring him into backing off on the slider. If you would've predicted what happened with him, Gausman, and most of the bullpen, you should go play the lottery, as all of those things going bad were hard to predict.
  8. I guess it's not as bad as naming it VanGorder. I have the same philosophy about player jerseys. I feel strange wearing another dude's name on my back anyway, but if I do it's pretty much a retired Hall of Famer. Never a current player.
  9. I've been in this drive thru for nearly 20 mins, girl asked me if I mined waiting, I pulled up my phone looked at the Braves scores and said "Nah no rush"
  10. They've kept him in the pen while not using him as a typical pen arm for months now. I doubt that he goes, and even if he does go you still have poor options. Tomlin can be your LR if needed in the next games.
  11. AA put too much faith in 2 guys who have been disappointments most of their careers in Folty and Gausman. Forcing guys who were not ready to step up. I've got nothing when it comes to Newcomb.
  12. Once upon a time Vick was probably a pretty solid unique dog name
  13. I was mainly saying Touki will go for a fresh arm. Anthopolous is probably going to want another arm out there. Touki will be unavailable for a few days
  14. He maybe played a few snaps but IMO he should have gotten tons on snaps in preseason... especially in the 1st and 4th games. He played a little against the Bengals but he should have played a ton more.
  15. That’s why I stick with dead musical icons for dog names.
  16. When Steve tries to use legal jargon:
  17. Atleast its almost time for preseason.
  18. Wait, now we bring Newk in?!?
  19. I think we will win the division. We didn’t just get a lot of talent back, we got one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL to coach them as well. On the offensive side, with an OL that can knock defenses off the LOS and Marty Ice at QB with all these chess pieces, we will unquestionably be one of the top offenses in the NFL. The Saints lost some important players, now will be starting a rookie center, and have weaknesses on defense including linebacker.
  20. Yep brutal what the braves overall pitching has become
  21. You're probably short by 3 - 4 mil a year, but, yeah... Dimi has done an incredible job over the last several years, and this offseason may be his best. Embrace.
  22. you never know lol
  23. And to bring up...who exactly? Before you check yourself, the options there are that bad. Winkler has totally lost his command and Parsons gets hit too much. That's about it on the legit options...they're that stuck. They fixed the pen but they can't afford too many more injuries or they'd be the 2019 Phillies in the pen. So Touki probably stays and they send Wright back down for Gausman Sunday.
  24. @Gritzblitz 2.0 I forget if I told you already but my GSU alum aunt and uncle got a new puppy 3 three years ago and immediately named it Tyson and now they're stuck with that name Never name pets and children after athletes (or coaches) and fictional characters until that story is finished being written should be a life lesson
  25. Its only the fifth inning...
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