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  2. Might as well..They aren't penalized as Brady is going to win his 7th. Chiefs have little defense. No of these NFC teams have enough, talent, experience, innovation, etc to defeat them .Brady retires... New Falcon s GM trades Ryan there.. He wins one.
  3. Almost every year and this year for sure. I've got 6-1 odds for $100 this year. Last year I got 8-1.
  4. Belichick would never pay him his contract. He would have shown Grady the door and escorted him to the front of the Free Agency line
  5. It would really be interesting to know. I’m sure Vic is in the list. I wonder who else is in it?
  6. I just want to see them cut Beasley. A trade would be better, but I don't think anyone would want him even if we gave them picks.
  7. Grady deserves to play for NE. Debo too. Those guys dont deserve to be on this ridiculous team with these self absorbed players.
  8. I don't know when it went wrong but you need five things to be a successful coach/organizational leader in most cases. Vision: The ability to see what you want and understand the steps to achieve it. Influence: The ability to get others to listen and follow your lead. Communication: The ability to articulate your vision to those willing to follow. Scheme/Plan: A set of instructions designed to implement the vision. Control: The ability to manipulate the scheme/plan and followers to execute your scheme/plan consistently. DQ has #1 & #2. I think #3 has been waning and #4 and #5 have always been issues.
  9. Belichick is a great coach. Quinn needs to adopt his ability and style if it can be cloned.
  10. I can't believe someone got that. Bravo!
  11. I'm convinced that the Democrat establishment would rather lose again to Trump than have Sanders or Warren elected.
  12. Smitty is criminally underrated. Removing 2013 since it was an outlier with our team on IR, here are Smith’s numbers in Atlanta 6 Seasons 96 Games 64 Wins, 65% W/L Record Dude took over a dumpster fire and averaged nearly 11 wins over 6 years. Amongst the most productive 6 year run in the last 25 years (regular season). Yet we still throw shade. Only Belichick won more over that span. He had some flaws, but every coach does
  13. Front office cant evaluate talent and so they draft poorly and then when team loses because of poorly built roster they fire the coaches. The Atlanta way since Blank bought the team. Blank has never fired a GM. Still has McKay reeking up the joint. How about we go a new direction this time and clean house from the TOP down. McKay, TD, Sabo, Webster, Collier, and Emry. Blank can do this today and fans will start getting excited again, because then we know REAL change is coming.
  14. The Brotherhood is a marketing ploy. Football is a business. The players, coaches and FO should know this. If they think anything else, they are idiots. All this brotherhood garbage is for the fans. All the players need is DO YOUR JOB
  15. True. It was as simple as giving it to lynch though. There is more than 1 way to win. Bill is great but let's not like they dont have an Express lane to the playoffs every year.
  16. This^^^^^
  17. Yup, you need a franchise QB. Most of them usually remain steady if their defense remains competitive. Unfortunately, our defense hasn't kept up with Ice.
  18. Nope. Was me thinking aloud and being a tough case. Every owner, like Blank, would have given another shot. Just the manner Of the defeat will always haunt.
  19. yawn. another guys with a handful of posts pretending to be a falcons fan. If you're a troll from the Aints just man up and say it, every year ya'll come here with this wolf in sheep's clothing **** and post back on Aints report so you girls get a giggle going. it got old 15 years ago. What's next a 28-3 mention? If you're done with the team, bye, you don't have to keep posting
  20. What's gone wrong: Player development Beasley/Takk Haven't turned out to be what they needed to be Campbell and any other LB not named "Jones" hasn't turned out to be what they needed to be Neal has had unfortunate injury luck Oliver hasn't progressed
  21. He should've been after that debacle, but no owner would've done that after a SB appearance.
  22. ET the code to crack the Falcons is up top, ownership and front office are why we are what we are. Changing coaches and OC and DC like underwear will just get the same result. Real change happens when McKay, Webster, TD, Emry, Collier, and Sabo leave the building. Then you know the owner has his head out of his butt and is breathing and seeing clearly.
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