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  2. Get the **** out of here with that ****
  3. The NFL is a brotherhood. These players are all part of a brotherhood. Different teams have brotherhood in their slogans, the Falcons are not unique in their brotherhood. Our brotherhood just seems gimmicky and cheesy and I don't think it really means anything anymore.
  4. I’ve had it with the Falcons! I’m done with this snakebite cursed Franchise! The New Orleans Witch doctors can catch them, skin their flesh, boil the rest and make a hot streaming stew out of it for all I care! 28-3 was really when I checked out but I kept a tiny ember alive to see if Quinn could turn it around and to see if 28-3 was just another freak Falcon thing! It was not just a happenstance thing? it was when the entire franchise rolled off the the cliff and exploded on impact! Now almost 3 years later, not even the Falcons own players want to play for the Falcons ( look at their eyes during the game?) Look at their effort, or lack there of? I used to battle against fans of other teams! All the while supporting the Falcons regardless of whatever was afflicting them at the time and it was always something! Now I am going to become a Fan or another team! But not just any team! The Greatest team in professional sports History currently involved with the greatest dynasty in Professional Sports History! The New England Patriots! I will no longer wallow in Falcon misery! I’m with you Sanu, Let’s go get a Championship!
  5. Fire TD...AB trusted him to get the roster right and he did not.
  6. I think it really depends on if TD returns or not. If a new GM comes in then they may let Hoop walk.
  7. I’ve been a Falcons fan a lot longer than a Hawks fan. I didn’t get into basketball really until Nique came along, and I started playing. Either would be great, but I need a SB trophy.
  8. RIP Willie
  9. It's weird. People want to hoard cap space one minute and literally earlier ok with "wasting 8m in dead cap to cut vic to prove a point". This place is so confusing sometimes...
  10. I don't believe Dukes. I could see him saying this while eating a chicken wing.
  11. Who ever was the driving force in not hiring Shannahan's assistants after he left is the true culprit here, whether it be Quinn, TD, Blank, or all of the above. We had a proven system, we had the guys who were closest to it's originator, and from all accounts, they well pretty well respected, so to just let them all walk without even trying to retain them was pretty stupid.
  12. I could totally see this happening and it makes good sense. You fire TD ,hire a new GM , and go from there. If the new GM wants to replace Quinn then so be it. You can't keep blaming and shipping coaches out. TD doesn't deserve to over see that. Let someone else look at it.
  13. You have to be sh!tting me. State line.
  14. Hey brother....soon as you get a chance I want you to look up the "Serenity Prayer". Read it over and over until you understand it and it starts making sense. Everything that you experience in life, good or bad relates to that prayer. We only can control the things we do and are capable of doing. Everything else that is out of our control you must leave for our higher power to take care of. These are certainly hard times brother, know that you are not ever alone!!! Much love to you and your family!
  15. Agree, and that’s such a whacko attitude/mindset most fans have toward players.
  16. no you are stupid: For offensive skill players, Ryan, Jones, Freeman, and Sanu consume 35.8% of the cap. Add Matthews and Mack, the team has 49% invested in six veteran offensive players. The team spent a first round pick in 2018 on another receiver, Calvin Ridley. There is so much invested in this offense and it has impacted the defense. Over the last two seasons, an organization that has known defense was a weakness since their Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, has invested three first round picks in offensive players over the last two years: Ridley, plus linemen Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary.
  17. It was because they are doing well and we suck. Frustration for most Falcons fans. Are you a swamper? Do you like the saints? I didn't know that?
  18. Interesting. The players clearly love DQ... but we have been drafting DQ players, have we not?
  19. Edited. Obviously, I was behind on this, but I donated. I thought it was new. I read your post, and I’m very sorry. Prayers for him and your entire family.
  20. TATF don't like dudes that get paid, no matter if they earned it or not. Plus he missed that one block... And he said that one thing... People here fickle af
  21. Honestly I wouldn’t have a clue. I barely keep up with Falcon news
  22. To clear up $40M in cap space we'll have to cut or restructure several players. A few starters would be gone, plus we'd be forced into restructuring some players that don't need to be. That will affect the 2021 cap table, which is just as bad, or worse. Even if we free up $40M, we'll have to spend that to fill 20 roster spots. Good luck with that. The combined 2019 hit for Jamon, Carp, Jack, Sombrero, Stocker, Swipester, Bailey and Schaub alone was $24.3M. That's just 8 roster spots. On NFL bums.
  23. I think he was originally on the Cowboys no? He was cut after we picked up those 20 punters a couple weeks back
  24. Amount of times Freeman gets tackled by a ref?
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