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  2. Also never thought I'd see someone say you aren't a real American unless you're three generations in. That's what we're working with nowadays. Just good lawd.
  3. First off can you please stop feeling the need to call me names? This is a talk right? I don't see why you feel the need to do that. In regards to what you're saying about sitting ALL starters for two games, I was just using the example because at any given point for 2 games these players are going to have to sit, of course. But I used that example because it IS a possibility and the easiest to work with in the sense of players having to sit out 2 games. The point I was getting at is that at any given time theyre saying that the players have to sit which puts the team at less than 100% if you're trying to put your best players on the field. So one game Schaub starts and then another game Julio sits, and then another Matt Ryan starts but Matthews has to sit, Then Deion Jones will sit and Riley takes his place. Teams will almost never be at full strength because of this 2 game rule, and that doesn't even count consideration for injuries. What happens if someone like Oliver is having to play all 16 games in the beginning due to injuries and he can no longer play the final 2 and we still suffer from those injuries and he is no ineligible because he has maxed out his yearly allowance. THIS is how I am trying to come across. Why are there limitations to any frame of time that allots players to play. Stipulations like as I have stated over and over again could cause situations where not only are we not a full strength, we are at a very big disadvantage due to that rule. Outside of sitting your players because the season is over or playoff spots are already locked up, why should the league be allowed to dictate when players can play and for how long they can play.
  4. I know it makes no sense and no one with a Brain in their head wants to watch him leave. He will probably play under the tag next year, but we cannot function as a team with max type of contracts given to Ryan, Julio, Grady, Free, True, Tebo. Something has to give. So tell me, who do we let go? Unless we want to have several other position players that suck.
  5. Not that anyone cares, but here is a list of RPs (ranked) that I think will be available and we have a realistic shot at landing: 1. Ken Giles, TOR 2. Will Smith, SFG 3. Alex Colome, CHW 4. Sam Dyson, SFG 5. Greg Holland, ARZ 6. Shane Greene, DET 7. Brad Hand, CLE 8. Roenis Elias, SEA 9. Tony Watson, SFG 10. Kirby Yates, SDP Not an all-encompassing list, but it's a start. I think if we could get two of the above listed 10 (including 1 of the top 3), we will be set on the back-end.
  6. Been saying it for a while...coaching matters. Talent is not the problem with this team. We have a lot of really really good individual parts and some a lot of good other parts. Teams have won with less. Our issues always seem to boil down to coaching and dumb coaching decisions ignoring situational football. It cost this franchise one chip, and you can argue the talent we had in 2012 would have been another one. But coaching...
  7. What's to stop the kicking team from just touching the football to knock it off the T, and recovering it 1 foot from the kickoff spot?!
  8. lol if anyone actually believes worzone's walkback.
  9. I really liked that video. I am certain we are SB bound cause 2019 is making 2016 look like a walk in the park. I'm just trying to make sure I see it and September is like 3 years away.
  10. If a leaky pipe invades my household it's going to get plugged. It's pretty simple.
  11. That isn't acceptable for anyone much less the president of the US.
  12. 90 minutes. Not being an Eeyore so I’m smiling
  13. I mean, he said that on tv today, but yeah, he straight up told three congresswomen born in the US to go back to their countries. I deleted my post with the N word accusation.
  14. Somebody should ask Trump if his comments apply to Melania.
  15. That's why I say it doesn't take a genius to troll liberals. Actually you want them to think they're smarter than you. Every single person that knows Trump is stupid, knows they individually are smarter than Trump. Every Single One. They like thinking that. In this case, he has you inventing a more complicated scenario that his mind would have had to traverse, so that it works in your mind to dismiss the possibility of intent and write it off as more mindless stupidity. But he does have the left thinking this rift between the establishment and the progressives matters. And he's daring progressives to turn completely on Pelosi and the establishment. Doesn't take genius, doesn't take a strategic adviser, just takes knowing how to **** with people on Twitter.
  16. I think the last paragraph is what’s going on
  17. Ok I apologize I thought y'all were interpreting his you can leave if you hate this country as go back where you came from. @mdrake34 @Psychic Gibbon @Boner @Leon Troutsky
  18. Yes, there's a new gotcha Trump soundbite nearly every day. I think the national TV comments were something like "If you don't like the US you should leave". OK sure I agree with that. *thumbs up*
  19. Re-reading those tweets, it’s clear to me that Trump’s strategy was trying to divide Pelosi and the Squad, pitting them against each other. I think he actually thought it would further divide the Dems. So maybe he had a strategy, but it’s a stupid one.
  20. This makes zero sense. If they were going to trade him, the lowest and worst possible value he could have is right now up against the deadline when all the other teams are operating from a position of power. The Falcons aren't desperate. They have time. TATF freaking out about this is ridiculous.
  21. Took 5 seconds to find.
  22. Thank you for the well wishes. Although, I'm in very good shape.
  23. I would serious be on the phone right now looking at trades. I doubt we would get the value required for Grady, but don't tell me the front office isn't trying to look at what other teams might give for him. The best case is he plays on one year tag and then we trade/re-tag him, but I don't think there is anyway we sign him for what he thinks he is worth. His agent just might be playing chicken with the front office since AB shot off his month about Falcon for life, but no way Grady is worth more than 17 or 18 million a year. No freaking way.
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