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  2. Last years team. Did we break 500 more than the 1 NO game...not even sure about that game
  3. Have you?
  4. Bolton only has one set of experience being the author of war in the middle East
  5. Boo hoo, cry me a river Jon Stewart. The federal government has already paid out $7 billion. Now PG do your part and donate to 9/11 charities. Jon Stewart should too. How much has he given to 9/11 charities?
  6. Because Bolton has a lot of experience at the position both during war time and peace time? As a good negotiator Trump should always have the threat of war in his pocket but be very reluctant to use it.
  7. The idea anyone would give merit to a film breakdown of 1 game out of a players 184 game career, and then draw conclusions on how good of a player he is is silly. I looked at Tom Brady’s under 50% completion rate, 1 TD and 2 interceptions in the 2016 AFC Championship game and have concluded Tim Tebow is a better QB than Tom Brady. oh, you say Brady has played more than 1 game in his career and looking at just one game is misleading? Go Tebow.
  8. No charities do not currently have the staff and resources. Sometime in the past we started voting for the government to take money out of people's pocket at gunpoint instead of giving to charities. And yes the church should help. Charitable clinics with tax breaks and subsidies. There should be many.
  9. Rand and his ilk are pure scum.
  10. Why bring Bolton in? If you are not an interventionist why bring in the worlds leading interventionist?
  11. Nope. That's 2018 I'm talking about. Not 2016. Bucs went 5-11. We went 7-9. We played largely the same teams.
  12. I don't buy it until it actually happens. Until he attacks Iran, he remains non-interventionist.
  13. Because the American population didn't buy it. Even his die hard supporters found it obvious. He brings Bolton one of the foremost warhawks in the world who authored Iraq and pushed for Iran aggressively into his cabinet and the next week iran tried to start a war?? Lol really??
  14. He ordered operations to bomb Iran until he changed his mind a few minutes before the planes were set to launch.
  15. Harry tripped over a very large stack of hundred dollar bills. He was the only one that could see it, we did not know it was there. Sort of like Leprechauns, we know they are there but cannot see them?
  16. A tad unfair. First, we ran the football. Second, we only threw 90 times in the 4th quarter that year cause we were up huge. But I see your point.
  17. OK. And Trump has not taken any military action thus far. His history is very non-interventionist. Oh and Trump has the final say on using force, not Bolton.
  18. Hey man, you seemed to have missed my response to your "have charities do it" argument. Reposting it for posterity
  19. Here's a fun trivia question for this thread: How many times did the Bucs put up 500 yards of offense in 2018? How many times did the Falcons put up 500 yards of offense in 2018?
  20. The fact is no one was killed or wounded In the Iran attack on the tanker So either this is a fully automated tanker or..... We blew it up in an attempt to justify a war with Iran.
  21. It's an absurd suggestion made in completely bad faith. Don't bother taking it seriously.
  22. Why @WhenFalconsWin is not a lefty
  23. Happy Birthday Tandy, we all love you here at TATF!
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