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  2. If this link isn’t behind the paywall I think you guys will like it. Film breakdown with a lot of gifs.
  3. They'll need a QB first.
  4. Beasley, Takk, Oliver, Campbell, Neal, Jones, Jarrett, Kazee. Three first round picks and two seconds there. He’s drafted his defense. And now he’s coaching them personally and here we are. He’s had his chance.
  5. Feel sorry for you trying to look for something positive and get shot too bits. Me I liked how Freeman was finally used correctly hit for big runs on the edge and abusing people off of short passes and getting in the end zone twice that’s a real positive.
  6. Yeah, completely disagree. Jerry Jones is not an ideal boss.
  7. Mariotta benched, however he looked like Brett Favre in his prime against our “Dairy Queen” D. Jared Goff and Russell Wilson next two games - wowzers!!!! If anyone has a time machine please let me know so we can go back and hire Shanny as HC.
  8. I don’t have anything nice to say about this team whatsoever.
  9. Everyone knows that Ryan is not the problem. He struggled a bit out of the gate, but he gets a pass because he is YET AGAIN working with a new O.C. His arrow is definitely pointing up after the slow start. I expect continued good games from him and the offense going forward, even with a weak OL and run game.
  10. He and TD have been trying to fix the defense for several seasons and have failed, so it's time to move on from both of them IMO.
  11. Bet a handful of “fans” here would still want him over Ryan.
  12. Hard not to. It’s like throwing the ball in practice when the WR has a 5-10 yard cushion.
  13. Keep assuming that it isn’t true just like thee above quoted we think different and that’s ok.I don’t subscribe to winning the off season lottery you guys do again as above it’s ok each to there own.
  14. Absolutely inexcusable... Jesus
  15. I ain’t even mad and that is the issue.
  16. That's what the Pats said about Billy B after his stint with the Browns too.
  17. I just don't know how anyone can expect improvement from DQ's defensive scheme. DQ's defense gets worse every week. The season is swirling around the toilet bowl now, but week 9 it will be out to sea already. Just do it. Let's see how a Raheem Morris defense looks.
  18. Did you forget the \sarc tag? I can’t tell if your actually serious. None of the others had a HISTORICALLY bad defense either. Ryan has his issues, especially the first 2-3 games but he is by no means a concern for this team.
  19. I'm just doing what I did in 2007. If it looks competitive at half time I'll keep watching. If not I have better things to do.
  20. We're talkin about the Falcons here. They'll probably win 35 -31 and piss off 80% of the message board. Lol
  21. Seeing how bad everyone is in our secondary, I am not ready to give up on Oliver.
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