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  2. I did look it up, evidently you didn't. The only time the saints ever led in the series was after the first game played between the two teams. They haven't led since. Are you suffering from dementia or denial?
  3. If we were linked to Da'Ron Payne but the trade up and the fall didn't work out and the above is true, then I would imagine he is our target somewhere.
  4. To me, this shows more how inconsistent a RB Tevin was or our run game details being that far behind the Broncos OL. Lindsay as an UDFA is a better RB that Coleman according to stats, but I'd wager their blocking and DESIGN was better than ours; regardless of the injuries. Both are ZBS right? Both TeCo and Lindsay are burners, right? That's the comparison here, IMO. Not Ito vs Lindsay. Why? Tevin was thought to be better than what we saw in 2018 and so why would we draft a Tevin replacement (Lindsay) when Freeman (Ito) ; our vision/patience runner, was the one coming off an injury to end the year and it took rehab? Apples and oranges to the player types. Either their RUN BLOCKING was better than ours; which I certainly believe that, or Tevin was that much worse than a rookie. Think about that. No wonder he got a cheap contract on the open market. ...but why be patient and look for cutbacks when we ran 93% outside zone? Doesn't really change that he tackles himself I guess. An analyst posted that in the Falcons subreddit. He was going through and doing that for all teams. That's why, IMO, if you compare the OLs and RBs compare the ones representing the other in the two situations. Falcons/Broncos run blocking and their #1 ball carriers; Coleman/Lindsay. Simple and it makes sense given they are both burners. Ito was insurance for Free and was very good in the red zone for us. Just need some explosion between the 20s out of him next year, but we could possibly use a Burner replacement for TeCo now that he is gone. OR...we're not exclusively outside zone anymore and don't value speed as much with inside zone?
  5. I decided on a safer one. Let’s also grab the FB from Auburn, Cox, as the #3. so White, Bush N Cox. Be one heck of a draft party
  6. Started to reply but decided today wasn’t the day to get banned
  7. Well perfesser Pompous Verbosus, you are so wrong on so many points that I don't have time to discuss all of them on an Easter Sunday. As for Trump asking for McGhan to fire Mueller, that is not a crime or obstruction. Trump could fire any of his underlings at any time , for any reason. Mueller wasn't fired so it never happened. You lefties should wipe the drool off your mouths and at least TRY to be rational. President Trump will NOT be removed from office, although I heartily encourage your clown car full of radical far left bozos to try it, thereby, assuring the re election of one Donald J. Trump.
  8. So many available retorts here.
  9. He hasn't been cleared for contact but the word with him is they are going to bring him along very, very cautiously. I'd proceed with the idea of being pleasantly surprised if we get much from him before the Florida game in 2019. It really sucks but at this point we're unlikely to get more than one full Zamir season. We'll see flashes this year but I'm not thinking he's going to be a major contributor on offense.
  10. This is how the debate has been unfolding...
  11. I remember back when the braves scapegoated Frank Wren out of town because of the money he spent on free agents that didn't work out and John Shuerholz said THIS: " We are gonna get back to the braves way ". He was referring to building thru the farm system rather than free agency. UMMMMM. Schuerholz is FAMOUS for trading the WHOLE FARM for Mark Teixeira. The WHOLE **** system... In fact, everytime the braves needed to make a big move to help their everyday lineup, Shuerholz spent Ted's money and went out and got a big bat. Frank Wren did the exact same thing and got scapegoated. THATS why I don't trust anything that comes from the braves front office. the story keeps changing... " Braves president John Schuerholz fired Wren and assistant general manager Bruce Manno in the morning, and a few hours later sat between longtime former manager Bobby Cox and interim GM John Hart at a news conference at Turner Field, where Schuerholz talked about a desire to get back to the “Braves way” of doing things."
  12. White is my #1 want with Bush a close 2nd.
  13. Just wanted to to add that the aints suck and F them....
  14. I am somewhat skeptical of Dexter as well but I do believe he has some upside as a passrusher - but you have to have a little faith and it’s somewhat of a projection. Tony Pauline said the scouts he has spoken believe Lawrence is more athletic than DaRon Payne which surprised me a bit. If true, I would feel better about the pick. Payne put up 5.5 sacks his rookie year which is good for a 4-3 shade Nose Tackle.
  15. This is a great song by a great performer
  16. the mentality of the Left when they are faced with FACTS.........they have NO defense . Be ashamed Lefties, be VERY ashamed .. This is one of the reasons Our very best President will be easily re elected in 2020, there is almost NO competition.
  17. HA! just came in to post the same.
  18. If you have the best player at a position available to you, it’s hard to complain. White, Greedy, Williams ...... They are the best players in the draft at their positions. I wouldn’t complain a bit if we pulled the trigger with that mindset.
  19. I like Bush somewhat better
  20. Excellent addition. Thank you!
  21. I apologize if this has been talked about a ton, unless I overlooked it, I didn’t see any other threads about Devin White. Am I one of few, or maybe many, that believes Devin White looks to be everything DQ and TD preaches about wanting in a player? I know they are called highlights for a reason but the guy is unbelievably explosive and certainly plays with an edge. Any chance he falls to 14? Any chance we are looking to supposedly move up to 8 and this actually be the pick? And for fun, if Devin White is the pick, what ways would that change the D? Has Devondre really showed anything in the way of rushing the passer to roll out a nickel package of: Campbell Takk Grady Vic DC could put his hand in the dirt or come off like a 3-4 OLB if we want to disguise him dropping and bringing pressure elsewhere. White and Deion to fly around and make plays side line to side line oliver Kazee Rico Keanu Tru on the back end. Keanu can come down and be an enforcer from the safety position or maybe you let Neal come down in the slot depending on who it is and let Kazee and Rico play over the top. Im excited about White and think it may lead to a ton of flexibility for DQ but at the same time, how much more does needing a possible replacement for Grady or just another big time DT next to Grady mean for this team?
  22. Zero chance he turns a blind eye to $900,000 being direct deposited into his account for 17 straight weeks. 0%
  23. We are broke as a joke
  24. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  25. Grady isnt going to turn down 15m, after hes been making 500k a year.
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