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  2. Dude this isn't about what Hags did. And no one gives a **** about what you do. You use any excuse you can to bring up your '"troubled youths". That makes it look like you do it so you can say "look at me, I'm a good person". Get over yourself. Everyone here is saying wait and see on if Hags can play after being gone two years. No one is saying we shouldn't have signed him because of his legal troubles.
  3. They said he was sick with a virus. Landers needs to work on aggressiveness and his hands. He’s had several he dropped or should have caught today.
  4. He’s sick. Got sick on Friday.
  5. I think it comes down to people in struggling communities being numb to corporate Dem platitudes after decades of listening to them only for their conditions to continue to decline. If your choice is between that and some ******* who blames it on NAFTA (which is at least partly true) and immigrants then I'd probably latch onto the new thing and hope it works out, too.
  6. Cox has either gotten a lot quicker coming off the line of scrimmage or the RT sucks. Cox has been killing it
  7. 6th, 7th rounders are about a 5% chance to turn into something. If everyone knew who the 5% were, they'd take those guys. It's very much chance at that point in the draft.
  8. You have no idea what my motives are bro. I work every single week with troubled youth in corrections facilities who have experienced traumatic situations as children. Do you have any clue to kind of torture and trauma Hageman experienced being locked in closets whole their craxkhead mom got high and turned tricks and father died as a child, then getting bounced around in state facilities. Many of these kids are good people that have done bad things (just like us all) but grow up with anger issues and just need some direction. i have a lot of compassion and love for guys like Shede. Many of his worst critics have done things far worse, that leave much deeper scars to their loved ones than pull their hair or push them down. What shede did was wrong and he paid his debt. Given his childhood, it’s understandable to me how he could have issues with someone trying to take his son from him. He is clearly not being dogged by some due to his ability to play this game. I have personally watched hundreds of guys just like Hageman turn things around and become far better fathers, brothers, sons, employees, coworkers etc than their harshest critics ever will be. Matthew 7:3 reads, "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" ... 5 Youhypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will seeclearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.
  9. Stetson Bennet is looking impressive
  10. The great thing about a double header is that we have twice the amount of baseball! The bad thing about a double header is, at least right now, we have twice the amount of baseball...
  11. Yeah but it'd be nice if the Republican populist platform wasn't "well we're not going economically help you in anyway but here's some racism"
  12. I'll take them...
  13. It's cold.... I can tell you that much. It was raining hard coming in. Sun trying to break through. DBs are looking great. Swift looks great. Fromm was off big time. Mathis looks decent. He needs to add some blackeye peas and cornbread to his diet. He is thin. We are trying to figure why D-Rob isn't playing
  14. Hey just wanted to get some traction on this Legendary GM site. Anbody familiar? Seems like a really great concept. I'm pretty sure MY mock drafting skills are WAYYY higher despite my lack of a profile picture and other indicators on why my Armchair GM skills are so great in particular! THAT BEING SAID: My mock would include a trade down in the first round to 21 with any team looking to go up because I'm sure there will still be a few out there. Whoever gives us the best leverage we go with. FIRST ROUND: Jerry Tillery or Dex Lawrence. SECOND ROUND: Max Sharping or Elgton Jenkins. THIRD ROUND: DE outta Texas (Omenihu) or outta TCU (not Banogu but the DE opposite him) or DE Maxx Crosby. THIRD ROUND: CB (not particularly sure maybe Sean Bunting or whomever but one that fits DQ's scheme obviously). FOURTH ROUND: Terrone Prescodd (go do your research). FOURTH ROUND: LB/DE (issa couple of decent guys that will still be here like Blake Cashman (research), meanwhile the average FF will be crying because we didn't go WR/RB who if we didn't grab Ridley last year I'd have a huge hard on for Isabella. But alas. Those are my two cents. Leave your 'LEGENDARY GM' tag when/if you've signed up! FIFTH AND ONWARD I'LL LEAVE FOR MY OWN LEGENDARY GM PROFILE!!! Yada. Yada.
  15. Trump and Bernie laid the groundwork for successful Republican and Democrat Populist platforms. Then they didn’t let Bernie run =/
  16. exactly trade back in the 2nd to gain more picks.
  17. Thought this was a We Rate Dogs tweet when I first saw it.
  18. I don't care if he drops his shoulder. I'd like that. He drops his head and looks straight at the ground.
  19. Thousands of years before the Targs actually I suppose it's always "possible" the NK is riding the body/soul of a Targ much like the three eyed raven is a Targ (but not really cause as far as I know Whitewalkers don't work that way)
  20. the guard from Texas IMO is one guy who could very well good this weekend.. when i heard he got out of oklahoma without committing that said it all about where we stand with him..
  21. That's how he plays. He has always played like that since high school. AD runs high and that isn't good. But he has always ran high. Just a habit
  22. This looks like me in every racing game ever lol
  23. I agree about Free cause with our zone blocking he is a very good back for it
  24. One factor neither of you has mentioned, is free agency. The Falcons have signed CBs in the past, like Brian Williams....McClain....Wreh-Wilson....and done pretty well doing so. Since our CB corps is short on experience, I can see the Falcons wanting to sign....or trade for, a veteran CB... either during or after the draft, when teams are wanting to keep their rookie CB picks, and shed some salary cap 'dead weight'. I don't see us having a starting CB competition without at least one veteran being added in the mix, somehow.
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