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  2. I approve of this message.
  3. There was a play in the Texans game where 6 guys lined up on the LOS. At the snap 3 from the middle dropped into coverage. Vic, Takk, and maybe Grady
  4. I’m Confused about the point you’re trying to make. Neither the tweeter nor PG said WaPo shouldn’t publish articles by conservatives. The tweeter just pointed out that they published what he felt was a dumb and bad article. If you’re a newspaper, you maybe should expect that people who disagree with your articles will publicly say so.
  5. The fact the Falcons are next to the Dolphins, who are clearly trying to tank, in several defensive statistics Is disturbing. But the Falcons got them beat in total points allowed. Also the Falcons have a two separate games where the other only had to punt once. Phins have one. Falcons May have fewer turnovers as well...
  6. So let's just keep sending three or four and dropping everyone else. Seems like a strategy to remedy this issue.
  7. Really??? I wonder who
  8. The effects of Dan Quinn The DL Whisperer or Whisper
  9. “Uhhh yeah coach. Can you tell me about the lack a sacks uhh because there haven’t been any in a few weeks”
  10. I'd be fine with trading Hooper if a 1st round pick was the starting point of a deal. I don't feel confident in that happening though.
  11. I've got it from reliable sources that say the GOP will plant fake 3rd party Dem candidate to siphon off votes from the Dems noninee. Brilliant actually, the Dems did it in the Virginia Govenors race to beat Ken Cuccinnelli. Assuring Trump's 2020 landslide.
  12. It may if the Falcons defense start beating opposing teams and posters don’t have to beat each other. On a serious note, it did help in the past few years ago.
  13. So your issue is that the person pointed out the publisher, which would be useful for others to know since you can't infer that from the screencaps, instead of just the writer.
  14. So sad and pathetic coming from a defensive mastermind in his 5th year as head coach. Haven't had a sack in a month. And we are paying Beasley 13 million dollars FLOWERY BRANCH — The Falcons have not recorded a sack since the 9:50 mark of the third quarter against the Colts on Sept. 22. Defensive ends Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley sacked Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett on second-and-13 from the Colts’ 22 that day. In subsequent games against mobile quarterbacks, the Falcons failed to sack Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota, Houston’s Deshaun Watson and Arizona’s Kyler Murray. Overall, it’s been 242 defensive snaps since the Falcons recorded a sack. The Colts ran 21 more plays after the Beasley-McKinley sack. There were 69 defensive snaps in the Arizona game, 73 against Houston and 79 against Tennessee. The Falcons have just five sacks, tied with Miami for the lowest total in the NFL.
  15. I will aggressively rumple TD's hair if he trades Hooper.
  16. Let Ito and Ollison split carries in situations that fit their running style and our RB issues are fixed.
  17. Ouch. That's even worse than if he'd starting dancing on your head.
  18. would it tho...really.. haha.
  19. Again, they published a conservative opinion column. Why is that wrong?
  20. First, he’s a problem because of the early turnovers, then he’s a problem because he’s not winning the games himself, now he’s the problem because he’s cleaned up the turnovers but his stats are “skewed” or “padded.” All this talk about players not doing their job and y’all are wanting one of the only players doing their job shipped out? Common man
  21. Make one Matt Ryan thread and pin it on the top.. that should make this place better.
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