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  2. We don't know what Lindstrom is or isn't at this point. Takk I can agree with. The thing is that we wouldn't be giving up those two, we'd be giving up the future (and potentially a top 5 or 10 pick in 2020). Ramsey isn't worth that on top of having to pay him (especially with all of the heavy contracts we just gave out and being in the cap hole in 2020).
  3. I can actually see him being an excellent college coach, should that be the direction he chooses. College kids would eat up his motivational speeches and slogans and he is a great motivator with his words...I just don't think it translates to professional athletes long term.
  4. Holy piss, TWO 1st rounders and a record setting contract for a guy with 1 great year.
  5. Those teams are desperate for secondary help and were about to break their backs for Ramsey. Trufant isn't great, but he's good enough for them to stop the leak at the position.
  6. Vic has been such a disappointment. I still think it was a great pick. There was nothing at all that made me ever think he wouldn't succeed in the NFL. Dude just doesn't want it enough. I usually keep an eye on him during games and it's crazy how quickly he gives up on plays versus Grady Jarrett. Jarrett never gives up until the whistle. I've been a big apologist of Beasley's for a while and I finally have to admit that he just doesn't want it. Sadly I think it's going to take him getting cut before he wakes up, if he ever does.
  7. We can't pay him. Why is this so hard to understand?
  8. These guys are connected. One of his bro’s will give him a job even if he has to go back to being a positional coach. also wouldn’t surprise me to see him on tv with his enthusiasm.
  9. ikr We should all want a guy with an average arm, minimal range, no speed, devoid of power who's K rate also climbed.
  10. Of course they would get Ramsey right when we thought we were gonna face a depleted secondary. Falcons aren’t allowed to catch breaks like that
  11. They already screwed themselves going all in last year and coming up short. They just keep digging their grave deeper.
  12. He might not want to stick around in the NFL. He sure coaches like he doesn't.
  13. It’s technique and learning and applying leverage more than it is anything. That’s how 250-260 d linemen can bulrush a tackle that outweighs them more than 100 lbs.
  14. Haha. “Man, that’s really wack”. Love It.
  15. I was actually happy for a second
  16. Well, I did enjoy your Joy Taylor pic..
  17. The Rams are able to be aggressive right now because Goffs contract hasn't kicked in. Once that does, they'll never be able to stack their roster like this again.
  18. Wonder how many of you message board draft scouts would have said the Pats were reaching on McGary win they picked him if we hadn't traded up for him?
  19. Yesterday
  20. I'd rather have Ramsey than Takk and Lindstrom, our two first rounders from the last two drafts. Ramsey is top five in his position. Needless to say, our two draft picks are not. Bird in hand is worth two in the bush.... ***ducks for cover***
  21. Still would be good for the Falcons to get rid of him.
  22. Guess he is giving up on the idea of double digit sacks already.
  23. Ramsey will show up just in time to intercept Ryan 3 times. The media will start blowing the rams again and act like Sean mcvay invented offense after they beat our atrocious defense like a drum. or we upset and get a meaningless win and they’ll say mcvay is on the hot seat hahahahaha. Stupid media.
  24. Sprained labia. Out 2-4 more weeks.
  25. LOL what? Trutrash would fetch what, a 4th?
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